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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Composition take me away.......

So I wrote yesterday's blog post, then got up and went to my English Comp class.  I love that class. Like seriously L.O.V.E. I get in there, she starts talking and the entire world melts away.  I am in a safe little cocoon that is soft and cozy, there are at least some like minded people in there with me.  And the teacher, she is so genuine and so kind. I love that she seems to be there just because she loves it.  (the math teacher too!  but I don't quite trust those mathematical types lol).  I don't know if I have gained a perspective as an older student or if I just am so blessed to have gotten two teachers who genuinely care but I'll take it and say Thank you Lord. :) 

We got our first paper back, I got 5/5 pts and our second paper I got 19/20 which she said she's NEVER given a 20. She told me I was a natural, I  would have no problems in her class and she thought I had a great "voice".  (Yes it's my blog! I will toot my horn if I see fit lol.  TOOT TOOT.) I told HER I had no IDEA I'd love this so much!!

When class was over it took me a full minute to come to myself and realize oh heck I have to get up and get going to Danny's appointment. I literally lose track of all of 'real life' the whole time I am in there.  I do in math also but that is because it makes my brain hurt I have to concentrate and think *so* hard.  In Eng Comp it's like a safe little place. I really thought I'd have to fight off distractions constantly but it is not so thus far :)  That makes me happy.  So do good grades hehe.

OK well now that we've cleared that up...have a great Wed-Nes-Day.
xoxo melzie

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


I had no idea this was going to be so hard. Light class load, lots of help out at home.  The problem is not with my brain but with my senses.  Yes Jacob has Sensory issues, but I've long suspected I have some level of them also. I also have mild social anxiety. For those of you that know me that may be a surprise. Yes I am talkative. Yes I am outgoing. When I out, going.  But it takes me a while to muster up the oomph to get up and go. I am very very much a homebody and if I am not mentally prepared I cannot deal. For example, my Sunday school ladies Christmas dinner. I was so excited to go. I always have a blast. It was on a Monday night and we had had a very bad day with Jacob that day, hectic day of running and go go go.  I forgot all about the dinner. I did remember in time, but at that point had not made my mental preparations to go out to a public place, be sociable and mingle. I just could not do it. I stayed home in my pjs recovering from the rough day I'd already had.  I always made sure I had at least (at LEAST lol) one day a week at home just to *be*.  It's very important for my personal mental health. But now holy cow, the go go go is just ON full throttle all the time. Today, school then immediately get in the van and go to St. Louis with Danny for a dr appt. Tomorrow school then after school Jacob has a dr. appt.  It should not be too much but it's overwhelming me.  I have had fever the last two afternoons. I don't think it's anything other than a flare up of whatevermelzieitis it's happened before during high intense situations.  So there ya go. Off to English Comp the St. Louis.  Have a great Tuesday peeps.
xoxo melzie

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Random non-math facts!

Happy Saturday!

Math went ~ok~ I didn't run away like a screaming mimi (what is a screaming mimi? note to self, look this up), nor did I sit in the corner rocking and sucking my thumb. It was very overwhelming but I am a stubborn cuss. I will prevail. 

Math class was what, Wednesday? LOL and we had to read over the first chapter and do some other blah blah blah so I procrastinated this until Friday morning, I had to go to the laundromat anyway so I brought my math book as well.  Not that I hate the laundromat, I actually always had this dream of living above a laundromat and working there, and living in a big big city, owning a cat and living on my own. Hmm my life did not turn out that way but I have a cat..and laundry..a girl can dream LOL.  But I digress.

So I opened up my math book and BOOM right off the bat something interesting.  I cannot for the life of me relate it to a single thing that related back to it in the book but whatevs I learned something! From my math book!  Cue the ticker tape parade!  Ok here it is, are you ready?

Alfred Nobel, the dude who set into place the Nobel Peace prize...he invented dynamite in his younger years.  What a contradiction.  I don't know why but I loved that fact.  (maybe because it was distracting me from, you know, the NUMBERS and stuff.) I told everyone yesterday about good old Al's oxymoronic adventures.

That's all I've got. I played Minecraft a lot today, and lost ALL MY STUFF because Jacob insists on playing with no keep inventory on. 

This post is very random. I think math makes me loose my mind. Boo. 

Happy Weekend.  Unless you're doing math, then may the odds be ever in your favor. 

I leave you with some interesting Alfred Nobel quotes.
xoxo melzie

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Well I was all set in my mind that it would be a snow day today.....and it was but I only had a delay not a day off lol.  So I missed my University Studies class but still had my Basic Math (wahhhh).  Math is sooooooo not my thang.  At. All.  So I will spare you the boring details. The teacher was nice but a *little* overenthusiastic about math.  I don't trust those sorts. The class was VERY small, maybe 12 students.  The teacher believes in notes. Notes before class, notes during class, notes after class, then rewrite those notes!  Oy yoy yoy. It was tolerable that is about all I can say lol.  He seems to want to instill good study habits in us that will carry beyond math so that is good.  I actually knew someone in this class too, my best friend's nephew.  I knew you before you were born sonny boy lol.  Oh and I was possibly not the oldest student in the class there was a veteran guy in there.  I also spoke with a young whippersnapper who asked was I in his English class yesterday. Why yes young one I was. 

I need to make a visit to the main campus bookstore.  I coveted the whippersnapper's SEMO planner chock full o' information on this and that and I need a planner anyway.  And some binders. And some MATH SKILLS.

In other news, SNOW!  Not as much as they promised.  Pout.  And our major snow we were supposed to get Friday may be moving south. Pout again.  Pics of Jacob in the snow to follow. 
xoxo melzie
Looks like a penguin mask lol (it's his hat)

Happy first snow of 2016!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Well!  Long time no blog.  I am embarking the first step of a new journey today and decided the best way to reflect upon it from beginning to end would be to resurrect this poor dead blog, dust it off and give it some new life :)  So here I am, my newest title...COLLEGE STUDENT.  Woot woot. Not a dream, not a maybe; hopefully; someday; if; when BUT NOW.  My first day is DONE! I have to take a part time schedule this first semester (required for all non traditional students), so today was English Composition (Tues and Thurs) and my other classes are basic Math (shoot me now) and University Seminar which is some required class for ALL freshmen students (Mon. and Wed). I will be home by 1pm on each day and no earlier than 9:30 in the mornings, so all hours when the kids are in school. 

So I feel like my first day was a success!  Went over the syllabus and whatnot.  We had to write an impromptu 2 page essay already, in class, on "Who I Am".  I was all OMG what will I write, then I literally just sat there and wrote it out and was one of the first ones done. So I think that is a good start. 

Some of the things I've been MOST worried about leading up to this adventure starting are: (remember,  melzie keeps it real lol......you've been warned)

Bodily functions: I have been a SAHM for YEARS.  When I have to pee I go, same with poo. Same with toots. I am not good with holding it.  It's not necessarily a discipline I've ever had to develop lol.  But throughout all my worries I never accounted for the fact that it's only a 1 hr 15 min class. I do fine at church so this luckily was  not an issue lol. Although I did drink my coffee really early to go ahead and get allllll the peeing done early! 

I did have to blow my nose twice but thankfully it was not echo'ey or loud when I did so.

There is plenty of personal space  so I didn't have to worry about that. (I don't really like to sit too close to peeps lol).

The bathroom was literally right across the hall!  woot.

EVERYONE carried water bottles. Including the young man with very interesting cowboy boots that looked like tennis shoes.  Only HIS water bottle was full of chew spit. He literally was chewing right there in the computer lounge.  I'm thinking that was probably a no no. 

Everyone said there would be other old people.  NO there were only children in my class lol.  But out of 24 students I actually knew two of them,one from church and one graduated with Jordan.  Which is another plus,small class size. 

SO tomorrow is the first day of Math and University whatnot,but it is gonna snow. My second day snowed out sheesh.  ;)  Some first day of school pics! 
xoxo melzie
Melzie: schoolgirl!

cute new backpack! lol

Me and my 13 yr old son.  My boys have been so supportive. Well not Jacob he said I hope you do bad. LOL let's choose to think he's joking.....

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Multiple updates...in pictures

These two started school!  Left is Hawger age 12 now in 7th grade. Right is Lovey age 18 in 12th grade.
Oh that big yellow monster coming to steal my chicks from my nest :(  I am not one of those mom's that celebrate the end of summer vacation..
This guy is playing his first year of football!
And he got taller than me, seemingly overnight. 

We got a new furbaby!  Her name is Callie.  She can't take the place of our former calico Meow, but she's made her own place.  We love her!
Yes even 14 lb fat cat Zelda loves her lol.  She however does not like our dog Finn, but they are at a place of mediocre tolerance for each other.

This guy got a haircut!  I let HIM choose when and if he got one.  I will admit to being relieved he came around finally lol

Then he had his very first day of PRESCHOOL!  (Headstart)  Miraculously enough (yes, minor miracle for sure) nary a tear was shed on this first day :)
Oh the heart hurt I have, when they are little, for that fleeting time mom is their everything. She's the sun, the moon, she's safety and comfort and warmth.  She knows it all, fixes all, she *is* all. But when their horizon's start to expand it's a snowballing effect of separation.  And now more than ever, with one out of my nest (I miss you every day Soldier Son Cody), I know how short these years are.  When Hawger was getting ready to go to school the first time, I was so panicked.  I fell into a moderate depression for the few months after he started.  This time the hurt is not less sharp.  But maybe with age and experience I've gained some perspective.  In the 8 yrs or so since Hawger started, Lovey was deathly ill.  I mean like near death.  Cody left home, the army is an unforgiving mistress and won't let him visit often. He came > < this close to being sent to Afghanistan.  When faced with those sort of massive potential separations... how can I worry so much when my little boy is only 2 blocks away. I can almost see the school from my backyard. I can be there in 60 seconds if need be. And yes, even though I have the knowledge that these school years pass by in the blink of an eye, I also know that no matter how old we get, mom is home.  And I hope that I can loosen and  cut those apron strings, but maintain the heartstrings with all my boys. <3

xoxo melzie

Sunday, July 20, 2014

I miss blogging :(

 Why don't I blog anymore? I love going back and re-reading the posts from years ago.  I think it's partially a heightened awareness of what goes on the internet STAYS on the internet, and just a convenience issue, facebook is so much more immediate.  It's been since last Sept. since I blogged. I can't remember what has gone on since then.  We had a great Christmas..This year is flying by.  Only about 4 more weeks til school starts back.  My little man is going to headstart (preschool) this fall. I am devastated. I like all my kids HOME with me.  I don't want him to go.  He's been accepted to both headstart AND pre-k but that is too much. For him, for me.  He'll thrive I think in headstart. He's been a stay at home kid for 4.5 yrs, but he's a socialite :) he loves to play with kids.  He's become a LOT more socially aware this past few months, so I think he'll do fine.  He has something called Sensory Processing Disorder, and probable ADHD, and possible Non Verbal Learning Disorder.  This ALL causes him to basically be a wiggle worm.  That will be the hardest part for him.  Oh he's also very red dye sensitive, so that will be a thing. 

I have been dreading this new chapter in life.  Almost all my boys are about 5+ yrs apart, because when they go to school and I have an empty nest, I start thinking of just one more baby lol. But my 40th birthday is in a bit, hubby has had his 50th birthday last year, time to let those baby bearing years go.  Sad to see them end, not that I want another baby, but that empty nest will be so quiet during the day.

I am hopeful that thru much prayer I will find the direction I am meant to go in now, whether it be stay at home wife/mother, going to work, or going to school.  My oldest still at home just turned 18 last month, he's going to be a senior.  My middle son at home is going into Jr. High this fall.  So many milestones, life is flying by me and I am trying to put on the brakes and slow it down.  As Dr. Phil says "how's that workin for ya?"  Not so well :)
Little Man age 4.5

My favorite picture currently :) 

My son is on the far right, this is his 6th grade graduation.  Starting Jr. High this fall, football, growing up!
My 18 yr old Lovey :)  He's so handsome, going into his senior year.
Thanks for reading :)
xoxo melzie