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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Why?! LOL

I hate going so long between blog posts. I LOVE reading back over the things I  have written. (Although I need to proofread! :) )

I want to blog regularly for the upcoming homeschool year.

I will need to make it a scheduled habitual type thing, as it looks right now I will be homeschooling, going to college classes (evenings), keeping up with my big guy's football games (varsity as a sophomore! woot!) and trying to keep this house presentable (relatively speaking lol) and all the life as we know it afloat.

The summer is flying by, the heat and humidity arrived this week (bluhhhh). I am thankful for central air and a/c in my van. I do not miss those days at all.  I do miss our old house though. I had gone by there for something a couple weeks ago and spotted feral kittens! I spent several days trying to feed and tame the momma..but life got in the way. (more on that in a min lol) But sitting in our old back yard, in the trees and the quiet and the PRIVACY it made me so melancholy. I don't miss the hassle and the run down'ness of our house but I miss having our OWN SPACE. We are on top of each other over here (duplexes) and plus we are at the whim of landlords. Really gave me a vision that this is NOT how I want to spend the rest of my years! John graduates in 3 years and homeschooling can be done anywhere. I am really praying that God will fulfill my heart's desire for country living. <3

So life happening...I fell off a ladder :( We were preparing for Bible school at church and well melzie fall down and go boom! Fell right on my tailbone. I spend the first night with HORRIBLE HORRIBLE muscle spasms (John stayed up all night basically helping me move or get up to pee, thanks son! lol). Nothing was broken or too badly hurt, *just* a bruised tailbone. ::insert eyeroll here:: Peeps. There is nothing JUST about bruising your tailbone. Who knew, but you need your butt for EVERYTHING COMFORTABLE.  :o  2 weeks later and I am improving a slight bit every day. Sigh..I am impatient though lol. I wanna feel GOOD!

So here are some pics, Easter, Dec. Birthday for Jacob, and a squirrel pic. I will save that rant for another day.
Easter egg hunt, helicopter drop. Total bust he got ONE EGG lol

More fun at home. OH I wish I had the pics, we had a GLOW IN THE DARK EGG HUNT for him and a couple of neighbor friends. That was SO COOL!

my lil poser at the park.

Grr. To be continued...

Happy 7th Birthday Jacob.
 Trying to get a good pic of my bunch of rowdy boys is HARD.

From left to right...Jordan 20, Bobby 29 here (30 now) John almost 15 here, Jacob 7 and Cody 23

I am blessed :)

xoxo, melzie

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