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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

School Starts, School Changes, School Ends

Sometimes I look back on my life, almost 42 years of it and it seems as if it were a blur. The early years especially, but my beginning mom years as well. I had to think for weeks and weeks, why does it seem as if I worked at a big Dairy Queen at some point. I knew I had worked at a small hometown one for over a year, my memory is not that bad.  But I could picture making Treatza Pizzas and Ice Cream Cakes, and the small one I worked at, we got those from the big one, we did not make them ourselves.

Then as we were driving through Sikeston one day it hit me. When Cody was tiny and I lived in Sikeston with him I did work there, probably just for a few weeks. My boyfriend I lived with then was less than reliable to put it nicely.  Whew mystery solved.

I don't remember the details, I don't remember the people, I am equally sure no one remembers me from there. It was just a foggy little spot on my road map of life that meant nothing and I remember little of.

Sometimes I feel like my 2 semesters at school will be that way. Like this twilight life I lived, that is only bright and shiny to me. To the people around me it was short lived, another flaky moment in the life of melzie that she was here today and gone tomorrow. Sometimes I feel like the *real* me is that way, indistinct and undefined. But those useful parts of me shine brightly, taxi servant, cleaner, dishwasher, cook. Baker, laundress, alarm clock. Alarm clock and cattle drover, getting people where and when they need to be on time.

All people really know about me is I like hippie stuff and I am extremely useful.

This summer session was hard. I loved the earth science class. I loved the sociology class. Both required work and commitment but I was glad to give it. The art requirement class was HARD and the teacher was total crap. I don't make blanket statements about people that way very often at all. I can find the good in anyone. But this lady drove us to insanity then *forgot* to enter several of our grades and oops it is too late anyway. She copied and pasted feedback but would give one person an A and the other a D, identical feedback. (guess who got the D?)

I maintained straight A's throughout my short lived college life, EVEN IN MATH PEOPLE. But now I have a B in her class. Barely.  Bah.

So that said a small break was welcomed. That class was hard, some weeks we had 13 assignments due. Then she wouldn't grade them all or would not grade fairly. She didn't like me. (rare!)


So I am off college this semester. I am on to bigger things you could say.

Homeschooling WildChild Jr aka Jacob.

That is a post for another day.

xoxo melzie

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