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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Starting week 4 of Homeschool!

Week 4 started today!  That is going by oh so quickly.  We have good days, we have great days. And we do have the occasional not so great days lol.  For the most part though we are both loving it.  My Father's World is a great all inclusive curriculum which is a little on the easy side for my little one, but is progressing at a nice pace to keep him engaged but not too hard. 

I have lots of pics to share so I will get to it!  I may break this down into two posts lol.

Before that though, let me get to the things I love, the things I don't love, and the things I was surprised about.

The things I love: The relaxed pace. We can take more breaks on days we need to. We can slow down in the mornings if need be and get a little later start. We can take days off for doctor visits or other activities. I love seeing him work and learn and CREATE.

I things I don't love: The art book included with the curriculum. It is called Learn To Draw With Children and it's very complicated and intimidating.  We just do free form art or theme related crafty stuff.

The things that surprised me: Jacob loved doing the Jewish months/seasons. He did not enjoy the scroll that much. He seems to be looking forward to the Hebrew stuff this week. He is learning the memory verses very easily!

Ok on to the pics!

He got a lego starter set for the first day of school surprise!

He is extremely good at following the directions and spotting the correct pieces.

My sweet friend Dianna sent him another lego set :D  It's a little harder, he's made a few things so far.

He also got a set of Picaso magnetic tiles
Watching a video about cleaner fish. You tube is our friend most days

Next post I will show more pics! 

So far I can say homeschooling is MUCH easier than I had anticipated. 

For the most part it goes very smoothly, although we found out the hard way that school is almost pointless when Dad has a day off lol.  That was not a good day..

Ok next post for more pics from the first 4 wks!

xoxo melzie

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