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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Friday, March 07, 2008

Melzie's Miscellany

WELL its been a busy few days :) So I'll just do a little bullet type thingie to recap for you ;)

  • yesterday I went to Walmart to buy Hawger's bike. It was marked $69 and rang up $49! I'm alllllll about saving of the dough.
  • so we went and bought Lovey one also. even though his birthday isnt til June
  • And Wildchild got a bike too. so did we really save any dough?1 I think not LOL
  • Felt so lucky I went to get gas and bought a powerball ticket. ($200mil!, here's hoping!)

  • Decided to run to Sonic as it was lunchtime. Lovey (who is sick with strep and had been to the dr.) was with me but he just wanted a drink. So I got a very friendly Sonic-server-guy. I paid for me food and said "I have a question, what are the chances of me getting a free sample of something?" (cue in Lovey dying of embarassment here) He said "what were you wanting?" I said "well I am wanting to try one of those Java Chillers but I dont want to pay $2.49 if I dont even like it." SO he said he'd ask and see and left. Lovey was about to DIEEEEEEEE (lol) I said "Son, NEVER let me know if something embarasses you 'cause it makes my DAY" ;) So the guy brought me back a WHOLE pretty Java Chiller! I was so excited. So then to further embarass my precious little Lovey I chatted with my friendly server a bit more ;) I said " you see that camo painted truck over there? The guy driving it is wearing bright orange! Do you think he wants to be noticed in all that camo?" He just laughed and then I left. Lovey said they probably put esSPITto instead of espresso in my Java Chiller ;) I was highly impressed at Sonic's friendliness and willingness to let me try something before I buy it. And just to let you know...it was AWESOME!

  • We're supposedly having a big 'blizzard' comparable to the 'blizzard of '79'.
  • but its not even sticking in my yard LOL (so far)
  • I'm ready for Spring.

  • I start my new job Mon. and I am very nervous. Not so much about the job but about my ability to commit and stick with it.

  • I am very glad Danny Noriega was eliminated from AI last night, not so much for Luke Menard.
    I am very shocked that Amanda Overmeyer is still in it. I was not surprised by the ones that went home.

  • I am TOTALLY shocked at Survivor last night! Joel should have stayed a lot longer, Ozzy seems very dumb this time. Cirie is sooooooo ruling the roost this time and I HATE it. I HATED last nights TC :( I do like it that the tribes are split up better this time. I cannnnnot BELIEVE Chet is still there. That 1st challenge was awesome last night LOL.

ok off to watch our "blizzard" xoxo melzie

PS I have tons of pics to share later but for now I am going to take advantage of a snow day and make my kids clean their rooms ;)

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Bren said...

UUUUUUGH!!! Don't even get me started on the Cirie thing. Did you see her smirky smile last night when Joel was walking off?? He kinda deserved it, but I agree about Ozzy...he is a sap this time. Chet needs to go. Then Cirie.
I am SO glad Danny went home. Also Kady!! WooHoo...sorry your vote did not count!! LOL I will miss Luke to...he is GORGEOUS...but he was really bad on Tuesday night so I am not surprised.
You will do fine at your job...what exactly will you be doing? Sewing? What could be better than that?
Great job on embarrassing the kid! You did your job as mother very well!!