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Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

AI 3/5 LADIES 80'S

There was a country song once called Eighty's Ladies I liked :) I need to look that up.

1. ASIAH EPPERSON- fun-sassy-pretty good

2. KADY MALLOY- WOW I think this may have been that "real malloy" the judges have been waiting for. :) Hmm ok maybe not. LOL

3. AMANDA OVERMEYER- slightly better than last week, it might not give me nightmares but I totally canNOT see that she has an ounce of talent.

***I love Altel commercials.
***And Sonic commercials

4. CARLY SMITHSON- her accent is more pronounced this week (maybe because her Mum is visiting?). She is very pretty tonight. 100% IMO I disagree w/Simon. Her mom is GORGEOUS :)

5. KRISTY LEE COOK (yes Bren she sold her horse ;) shaky start, better middle, shouty end. Not her best performance but I still love her. (Positivety Paula?) (FORGETTABLE Simon?! I dont think so). KL is who KADY wants to be.

6. RAMIEL MALUBAY- very good vocal, I'm just not a huge fan. But either she's getting better or maybe just growing on me LOL.

7. BROOKE WHITE- my fave ;) very good, LOVE her so much! Not crazy about the song but excellent performance. OH YAY Simon loved her again!

8. SYESHA MERCADO- so pretty :) Flawless voice, I think she could definitely be a star, WOW FACTOR ALERT :)

I voted-
1x for Kady Malloy
3x for KL Cook
4x for Brooke White
4x for Syesha Mercado

Possibly Asiah and PLEASE GOD Amanda.
xoxo melzie

1 comment:

Bren said...

I thought Brooke was by far the best tonight! Amanda was alot better than last week, which was HORRID. She should have went home last week, so I think she will not be voted out this week. I want Kady to go SO bad (but YOUR vote will be the one to keep her there!! Just kidding!)...though she has been told (I believe) that she is acting like a spoiled snotty brat and has cooled that a little bit. I thought Carly's mom was gorgeous too!! I said that to hubby while we watched..."OMG her mom is gorgeous!!"