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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

American Idol 2/20/07 recap + Survivor & AR thoughts

OK this is my very first American Idol (AI) season and I am wondering why I missed all those years?! LOL The guys performed last night I took notes (cornball huh? hehe) and here are my opinions :D

-too many woo-ooo-oo's
-not cracy about his voice
-thin lips=ew lol
-horrible travolta style hip dancing

-Good camera presence
-I am wondering if he isnt kind of limited in his talent, I havent heard him sound very versatile
-very disco type impression I get from him, which is NOT my style

-I kinda feel this is his last chance
-his performance seemed forced to me
-I loved his original audition, I agreed with the judges on the bluesy first impression that has since gone flat

-he was NOTHING like his audition tonight NOTHING :(
-DID NOT seem like it was coming naturally to him

-Loved his audition
-way too much bobbleheadedness in this, made his voice sound shaky
-too Eminem like performance the whole bopping up and down the entire time etc didnt do a thing for me at all

-very cute!
-liked his husky audition, missed that here some
-seemed slumpy and slouchy (too relaxed? HA)

-I hadnt had a real good impression of him from his audition but was more impressed tonight
-looks like a young Sting
-Reminds me of my first serious boyfriend LOL
-seems a very versatile singer
-good interaction on the stage and with the cameras

-loved him at first
-very feminine..
-gave off a very corny vibe tonight
-was he wearing lipstick?

-well he had been my pick up til tonight I was NOT impressed with his interplay between he and simon
-seemed out of breath at the end, not a huge impression with him tonight

-very cute!
-weird finger thing going on
-nice song, made it his very well

-upturned collar YUCK

-OK my first thought was um ok, too muffled on the intro of the song, like bass gone bad on my stereo
-then the chorus OMGOSH this is the first one I could picture hearing on the radio
-BEST Of the night IMO

Sundance and Sanjaya.

Phil Stacy :)

SO Simon was a bit cranky tonight (I love you Simon!) But I thought IMO these were very unimpressive. NO ONE seemed to live up to their auditions. I am looking forward to hearing the women Wed. night.

Survivor! The predominitaely losing tribe is voting off the strongest women first whats up with that?! Its not holding my interest really well yet. Therefore not much to say about it LOL


ROB ROB HOW DO I LOVE THEE? LET ME COUNT THE WAYS! Yes I love me some Bawston Rawb :D They got 1st woohoo! John Vito and Jill I loved their first time on but they were flat this time. I cant stand Charla and Mirna. Teri and Ian I loved to hate the first time :) Same it seems now. Guido's I can take or leave, Oz and Danny I dont think they are strong competitors. The blondes were tough last season. David and Mary I dont think will do real well they coasted on others' success last time. Eric and Danielle might do good, she wasnt a very strong competitor in her game I dont think. Uchenna and Joyce I LOVED their first time (she looks good bald, unlike Britney @@) I am looking forward to seeing Rawb win many roaming gnome trips ;)

its sunny and 60 here today and my laundry is all caught up. have a good hump day! xoxo melzie


The Calico Cat said...

Blech - Rawb and Ambuh need to go home! I can't even watch because of them!

Shelina said...

I didn't watch American Idol last night. We watched every episode the first season, so now we watch when we can and try not to be glued to the tv. I think it is a good idea to document your thoughts though, so that you can remember who you liked and who you didn't week to week. I tended to forget.

dcrmom said...

We have all the same favorite shows!!! And I agree with all of your synopses. (Is that a word - synopses? Sounds like it should be plural for synopsis. ;-)