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Thursday, February 22, 2007

AI RECAP 2-21-07

WOW the women put the men all to shame last night! I loved it! Here are my thoughts on each one.

Good audition, soulful and comfortable on stage, put her personality into her song-gave an awesome performance instead of merely singing a song.

No real stage presence, bland performance. She has an excellent voice but did not show it tonight.

There is something very annoying to me about her. Her voice doesnt do a thing for me at all. Had a good ending to her performance. I agreed with Simon that she is out of her comfort zone and it shows.

VERY nasally audition, strong start to tonights performance, but still nasally. Good performance overall but that nosey voice irritates me.

Ok I am a bit biased based on her group stuff how she flaked out on practice, went out flirting and my VERY favorite Baylee Brown went home. She sang a nice song, put a good personal spin on it and overall did good. Simon seemed overly hard on her.

WOW'ed me! Loved her audition, she is gorgeous, she is very sassy, she was fun to watch on stage.

I ADORED her audition, she gave me a very blah first impression tonight. Then a blah second impression as well LOL. She seemed stiff and jerky, had a scrunchy face. She looked angry. She over acted on stage (and Simon said the same thing)

Rich full voice, did better tonight than her original audition. I could totally picture hearing her on the radio. She is also very pretty. (Randy is VERY difficult tonight whats up with that?)

She has the look of a 40yr old. She sang a sassy song but doesnt really seem to have much sass in her. Her singing is NOT my style at all. But overall a good performance tonight.

One of my FAVE auditions, very beautiful girl. Difficult song right off the bat tonight, seemed out of breath. Hope she choosesa better song next time. (Ryan and Simon are on my LAST nerve lol)

Another of my favorite audition, this girl has the sass. Very rich voice, she wowed me! Boo to Simon's opinion this time!

WOW. W O W. I love her story, I loved her performance tonight, it made me smile, it made me teary, omgosh. I totally agree with Ryan, there was a huge level of emotion in her song. I LOVED what Simon said for the others to book their rides home LOL.

Who I'd picture going home:

My favorite tonight-LAKISHA hands down :)

Cant wait til tonight, although I'll have to DVR AI and Survivor I have church stuff to do :) xoxo melzie


Nancy said...

I've mostly agreed with your assesment of both the boys and girls. And hands down Lakisha is the best of the bunch! I've loved her since her first audition with each performance I just love her more. Simon is bang on. If the voting public votes for pure talent and stage presence then everyone else should just go home now.

A Flowered Purse said...

i miss bailey brownnnnnnnnnn! I really wish she wouldve gotten through. . i was so hoping antonella would go home last night. @@
maybe next week
Happy Friday