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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Composition take me away.......

So I wrote yesterday's blog post, then got up and went to my English Comp class.  I love that class. Like seriously L.O.V.E. I get in there, she starts talking and the entire world melts away.  I am in a safe little cocoon that is soft and cozy, there are at least some like minded people in there with me.  And the teacher, she is so genuine and so kind. I love that she seems to be there just because she loves it.  (the math teacher too!  but I don't quite trust those mathematical types lol).  I don't know if I have gained a perspective as an older student or if I just am so blessed to have gotten two teachers who genuinely care but I'll take it and say Thank you Lord. :) 

We got our first paper back, I got 5/5 pts and our second paper I got 19/20 which she said she's NEVER given a 20. She told me I was a natural, I  would have no problems in her class and she thought I had a great "voice".  (Yes it's my blog! I will toot my horn if I see fit lol.  TOOT TOOT.) I told HER I had no IDEA I'd love this so much!!

When class was over it took me a full minute to come to myself and realize oh heck I have to get up and get going to Danny's appointment. I literally lose track of all of 'real life' the whole time I am in there.  I do in math also but that is because it makes my brain hurt I have to concentrate and think *so* hard.  In Eng Comp it's like a safe little place. I really thought I'd have to fight off distractions constantly but it is not so thus far :)  That makes me happy.  So do good grades hehe.

OK well now that we've cleared that up...have a great Wed-Nes-Day.
xoxo melzie

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Donetta said...

Words have power of life or death. They can literally be full of power whether we mean them to be or not. Might as well use them with the force of your choice.