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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Multiple updates...in pictures

These two started school!  Left is Hawger age 12 now in 7th grade. Right is Lovey age 18 in 12th grade.
Oh that big yellow monster coming to steal my chicks from my nest :(  I am not one of those mom's that celebrate the end of summer vacation..
This guy is playing his first year of football!
And he got taller than me, seemingly overnight. 

We got a new furbaby!  Her name is Callie.  She can't take the place of our former calico Meow, but she's made her own place.  We love her!
Yes even 14 lb fat cat Zelda loves her lol.  She however does not like our dog Finn, but they are at a place of mediocre tolerance for each other.

This guy got a haircut!  I let HIM choose when and if he got one.  I will admit to being relieved he came around finally lol

Then he had his very first day of PRESCHOOL!  (Headstart)  Miraculously enough (yes, minor miracle for sure) nary a tear was shed on this first day :)
Oh the heart hurt I have, when they are little, for that fleeting time mom is their everything. She's the sun, the moon, she's safety and comfort and warmth.  She knows it all, fixes all, she *is* all. But when their horizon's start to expand it's a snowballing effect of separation.  And now more than ever, with one out of my nest (I miss you every day Soldier Son Cody), I know how short these years are.  When Hawger was getting ready to go to school the first time, I was so panicked.  I fell into a moderate depression for the few months after he started.  This time the hurt is not less sharp.  But maybe with age and experience I've gained some perspective.  In the 8 yrs or so since Hawger started, Lovey was deathly ill.  I mean like near death.  Cody left home, the army is an unforgiving mistress and won't let him visit often. He came > < this close to being sent to Afghanistan.  When faced with those sort of massive potential separations... how can I worry so much when my little boy is only 2 blocks away. I can almost see the school from my backyard. I can be there in 60 seconds if need be. And yes, even though I have the knowledge that these school years pass by in the blink of an eye, I also know that no matter how old we get, mom is home.  And I hope that I can loosen and  cut those apron strings, but maintain the heartstrings with all my boys. <3

xoxo melzie

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Bren said...

Hey!!! Get back to blogging....I did!!! I need less time on Facebook and boy do I miss recording pics and stories for the grandkids!!