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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, July 20, 2014

I miss blogging :(

 Why don't I blog anymore? I love going back and re-reading the posts from years ago.  I think it's partially a heightened awareness of what goes on the internet STAYS on the internet, and just a convenience issue, facebook is so much more immediate.  It's been since last Sept. since I blogged. I can't remember what has gone on since then.  We had a great Christmas..This year is flying by.  Only about 4 more weeks til school starts back.  My little man is going to headstart (preschool) this fall. I am devastated. I like all my kids HOME with me.  I don't want him to go.  He's been accepted to both headstart AND pre-k but that is too much. For him, for me.  He'll thrive I think in headstart. He's been a stay at home kid for 4.5 yrs, but he's a socialite :) he loves to play with kids.  He's become a LOT more socially aware this past few months, so I think he'll do fine.  He has something called Sensory Processing Disorder, and probable ADHD, and possible Non Verbal Learning Disorder.  This ALL causes him to basically be a wiggle worm.  That will be the hardest part for him.  Oh he's also very red dye sensitive, so that will be a thing. 

I have been dreading this new chapter in life.  Almost all my boys are about 5+ yrs apart, because when they go to school and I have an empty nest, I start thinking of just one more baby lol. But my 40th birthday is in a bit, hubby has had his 50th birthday last year, time to let those baby bearing years go.  Sad to see them end, not that I want another baby, but that empty nest will be so quiet during the day.

I am hopeful that thru much prayer I will find the direction I am meant to go in now, whether it be stay at home wife/mother, going to work, or going to school.  My oldest still at home just turned 18 last month, he's going to be a senior.  My middle son at home is going into Jr. High this fall.  So many milestones, life is flying by me and I am trying to put on the brakes and slow it down.  As Dr. Phil says "how's that workin for ya?"  Not so well :)
Little Man age 4.5

My favorite picture currently :) 

My son is on the far right, this is his 6th grade graduation.  Starting Jr. High this fall, football, growing up!
My 18 yr old Lovey :)  He's so handsome, going into his senior year.
Thanks for reading :)
xoxo melzie

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