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Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Friday, August 30, 2013

TGIFFF & Finish It Up Friday ~ 1st Rag Quilt Finish!! *Whoop Whoop*

Ta-Da!  My first successful rag quilt!  My hand may never be the same from clipping and clipping and clipping (LOL) but it was worth it in the end!

The bottom side, just as pretty :)  (my mom actually likes this side better lol)

BUT...look at the pilling/lint/fuzz!  This was after two washes/dryings.  Lint roller isn't touching it, my mom suggest shaving it (LOL) which I tried but still have to pick them off by hand.  Not too pleased about that!  Any suggestions to prevent this next time?

Gave birth to a lint animal didn't it? LOL

Got to pick some more lint off then it's ready to be mailed off to my brand new great nephew =)
SO I do think that YES I will rag quilt again =)  BUT I will research how to not have so much pilling/fuzzing.  And I will buy a pair of spring loaded snippers that work well for this project.  all in all I am happy with the result, hope the recipient is as well!

here is the tutorial I used: Rag Quilt Tutorial

have YOU ever  made a rag quilt?  leave me a comment with the link I would love to see!

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xoxo melzie


Pippa Parsons said...

Thanks for linking up, I made a semi rag quilt once and the fluff that came off was amazing. love your colours

Michèle-Renée Charbonneau said...

Lovely! What kind of batting did you use?

Edie Jo said...

Love the quilt! It turned out great!