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Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Kitten pics

My mom's cat had 3 kittens on 8/31 and my cat had 5 on 9/1
Her cat's milk dried up so she brought the kittens over to my momma cat (who is also her cat's mom, which means that these kittens are her grandkids LOL. Anyway...
This is Babygirl, she is from my litter. She is a LAP KITTY :)

This is one I am keeping, from my mom's litter. This is Gizmo

This is Stripey, from my mom's litter

Today 7 of the kittens were in a sleeping pile, and Stripey was off in a corner crying (middle child? LOL). When she finally saw her aunties, uncles and siblings she literally jumped into the middle of them and curled up :)

I could never differeniate here, but the kittens all have names. They are in no certain order:
Bubba (has a home already, going this weekend or next)
My sister's getting Mr. Noname grey kitty
From my mom's litter:
Gizmo (ours lol)

They are all litter trained(ish) they all go at least BESIDE the litter box lol. All eating except one little grey girl Shelby. So the ad comes out in the paper this Thurs. I will set up for people to pick them up this weekend, then they will be the full 6 wks.

AND I got some info on getting my momma spaded via the humane society here for only $25! Its based on income but I am sure we will qualify :) Then no more kittens (yay lol)

xoxo melzie
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debbie said...

Ohhh....Your kitties are adorable!!! I WANT ONE!!!!! Oh wait, no i don't! ;o)
Our favorite ball of fluff is currently not feeling himself. The only way to solve his issues is a $500 surgery. I hope he pulls through this time.