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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Trauma, drama, tired momma

Oh my word. Yesterday should have been skipped. Spent all day in pj's in bed. Buffered by lots of chocolate :(

I got to work at 8:45 yesterday and Wildchild was already calling me. I answered and he was all uspet, voice shaking telling me that the kitten got ran over but wasn't dead. What followed was horrible for the, horrible for me not being able to be there to shield them from this sort of thing, Lovey called me at one point sobbing that he couldn't take listening to it anymore. I knew how he felt, hearing their hurt and not being able to 'fix' it :( I called anyone I could think of that might be able to go help the kids deal with this SOMEhow but couldn't get anyone. Finally Jordan went and got the older man neighbor, who offered take the kitten to the vet in his words 'to be put to sleep', so I knew then it was as bad as the kids were thinking. Well the neighbor went home to get his wife and car and the kitten died within the 5 min. or so it took him to get back. Almost 2 hours though of him suffering, the kids suffering, me suffering. It was horrific. The kids opted to bury him themselves, the neighbor offered. The kids had a little service, they all said a prayer. (aw) I know stuff like this is real life and ugly and messy but darn, this is MY job to shelter them from the ugliness. I feel horribly guilty, and guilt is not an emotion I cater to very often.

So that was yesterday. Thank God its not yesterday anymore. Amen. xoxo melzie

**updated to add, I DREAMED of the kitten last night, bloody, wallering around meowing, and I was the only one in my dream that could see it. Great I am now being haunted. :(


Aunt Jenny said...

Oh Melzie...that just stinks. I think it is probably better for the boys that they got to have their little service..but it is still hard for you knowing what they had to go through. Dang. I am glad for you that it is a brand new day. Hang in there!

Mindy said...

Sometimes in bed is the best place to be...but yeah, sometimes life is ugly. But you've got to be amazed at how resilient kids are...they had their service for him, and they will be fine. It seems like things affect us parents much more than it affects the kids...hang in there!

Mindy said...

You okay over there?