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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

in which melzie threw a snotty sad fit :(

Thanks for all the well wishes on the job front...

I hated HATED HATED the factory job. I bawled and squalled when I got home (still am actually) it was HORRIBLE =*( I don't know how in heck I will get up and go back it was so bad. I wanted to cry allllllll afternoon but I held it in and just lost it when I came home, esp. when I saw how clean the kids made the house for me if they can do their part I can do mine but I just dont know if I really can or not OMG IT WAS SO HORRIBLE. ::still crying::

its one of the top 2 hardest sewing jobs there. why oh WHY would they start me out so hard? thats like setting up for failure. they sew mens suits, so the real poufy shoulder thingie omg you have no idea how perfect you have to sew that sucker. the part I'm doing is there is 3 layers, bottom is the silky lining, then the real poufy shoulder paddy part, then the part I sew on so ok, the liner you want to sort of push, making puckers not pleats. The middle you want to keep very taut and almost pull it, then the top you kind of feed it in an arch to give it fullness. so push bottom pull middle push top all the while keeping the whole thing lined up on the straight edge and its a serging type knife so 1 chance only.

OMGOSH it was HORRIBLE. I cried and cried, I feel so bad because I WANT to be strong and CAPABLE but I'm not and I hate to say I cant or be a quitter...

I sent that part above to my friend BREN and here is what she responded...

You are not a quitter to make the decision to be happy in your life. You are not successful if you are not doing something you love to do. This job is just not for you.

ps did I mention this made my chest not as tight and thick to read these words and reread them? :) thanks bren.

Back to job hunting.

I love my hubby for not making me go back.


Aunt Jenny said...

Oh Melzie...I just know you will find just the right job soon. I will sure keep you in my prayers. That job just wasn't for you!!! No one should have to come home from a job that upset...NOT worth it!

Randi said...

I am glad you get to keep on looking! What about waitressing or working at Target or Wallyworld? Those jobs at least seem kind of fun since you get to work around people.

Praying for you...