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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

AI TOP 12 3/11/08

OKAY now, this was AWESOME tonight :D And I got word today that Boomama is doing the Mr. Linky thing again this year woohoo so if you blog AI or even just want to read them head over there sometime tonight or tomorrow a.m. and get a look-see at the AI blogs listed :D I LOVED doing it last year woohoo. Ok on to my monologue'ing ;)

1. SYESHA MERCADO- Ehhh, not my fave from her. Good enough vocal but is it top 12 worthy? I dunno, we'll see. Ending was good :) she is so pretty.

2. CHIKEZIE EZE- Its a hoedown in Hollywood! Is that a sweater Blake Lewis wore last season? What the heck is UP with this arrangement?! LOL its very gutsy and brave but ya know what its kinda working on me, I actually liked it. (Is Ryan on crack tonight? That was hilarious LOLOL)

3. RAMIELE MALUBAY- Amazing vocals as always. Boring song, pretty but very sleepy.

4. JASON CASTRO- He must be growing on me. He has beautiful eyes. Hmm its not terrible-not great. I agree with Paula he is heartfelt.

5. CARLY SMITHSON- She's so pretty. Weird arrangement of song. She must be channeling Amanda Overmeyer lol. I'm not feelin it dawg. The judges seem scripted in their comments of her IMO.

6. DAVID COOK- OMGosh I LOVE IT FROM NOTE 1! Dang he's a hawtie ;) That was maybe THE most "relevant" performance I've personally ever seen on Idol! :D The absolute *click* of him settling into his niche floored me, almost made me cry on a rockin fast song LOL woohoo go David!

7. BROOKE WHITE- OMGosh again, love her voice, love her. 100% perfect. But as "relevant"? Time will tell. She's definitely in my top3. Made me cry. She is such an earth mother, old soul. And barefoot to boot I love it!

8. DAVID HERNANDEZ- Corny, dorky looking, vocals only ok. I can't believe Luke Menard went home and David H stayed :/ (Simon called it corny too lol)

9. AMANDA OVERMEYER- Wow she didn't scare me. She's actually *singing this week-not shouting. Not horrible-not great, at least she's not acting like a zombie this week :)

10. MICHAEL JOHNS- Good-not great. That was a boring song kind of. (ok on the replay at the end it was a little better but throughout the song I kept waiting for more and lost out on the now). I think David Cook totally outdoes him. But Michael has nicer hair LOL. I am tired of hearing Paula fawn over him though, I think she has a crush ;)

11. KRISTY LEE COOK- Very risky- its sort of working but that weird fast beat in the background is very odd and distracting. Her vocals are 100% :) She is in my top 3. Not her best but more of a bad song arrangement choice.

12. DAVID ARCHULETTA- OH NO he forgot the lyrics :( His nerves are absolutely killing him tonight and it shows. I can see a total lack of confidence, I hope he recovers by next week. Bless his heart he's so YOUNG and wears his heart on his sleeve. Ugh poor guy :(

My top 3 in order:

Going home:

Best of the night:
DAVID COOK hands down ;)

Can't wait to see everyone's posts at Boomama's! See ya there ;) xoxo melzie


Bren said...

My top 3...
David Cook
David Cook
David Cook
OK, so I liked Carly and Brooke too.
I absolutely died for little David. I felt so bad I would have voted for him too...if I voted.

Mamma D said...

Thanks for stoppin by and saying "hi". I so love AI season!!! Will stop by next week and see what you think!!

Tamara said...

I agree on David Cook & Brooke White...and on David Hernandez. Not with you on Kristy. Thought she was good on "Amazing Grace", but haven't like much of her other stuff. "8 Days a Week" was a mess. But she's cute & sweet, so I hope David H. goes home & she gets another chance.

Headless Mom said...

Thanks for coming over!

Yep, David Cook seems to be getting the popular vote this week from all of us bloggers!

Greta said...

Nice to meet you too! I'll be checking back to see your thoughts on AI :)

Robin said...

Really? Kristie in your top 3? Not seeing that so much. But she does have gorgeous hair.
I'll check back with you next time!

ashlynn310 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! See you next week!

Bren said...

I gotta tell ya Melzie, I was holding my breath when Ryan was taking phone calls...I just KNEW you would be one of them! You better call next week!

Anonymous said...

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