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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ok thats an original song idea (I guess lol this is only my 2nd season watching).

As a side note, my DTV (digital tv) signal kicked in sometime last night and O M G too cool! We have to get a converter box as we only use an antenna, but just our new'ish tv picks up a few more channels :D

I'm getting the feeling she's trying too hard. Shouty on the big notes. Very pretty face but she always looks like she's actually FROM the 80's.

2. JASON CASTRO (86 or 87) "FRAGILE"
Very good start. I'm really starting to like him :) He's cuter this week too. (Or is it from my DTV? ;) When he said "I could spend a little more time practicing if I'm gona do this" I cracked UP he is so mellow. LOL

3. SYESHA MERCADO (87) "If I Were Your Woman"
Very good start, VERY good overall :) Seems very confident this week.

4. CHIKEZIE EZE (85) If Only For One Night"
Hmm no wow. Good not great...I think I like his rockabilly better LOL. His mom is adorable.

5. BROOKE WHITE (83) "Every Breath You Take"
Actually looks younger tonight w/her hair straight. Little bobble at the beginning but actually very good job :) I LOVE her! *her bobble made her seem even MORE vulnerable.

6. MICHAEL JOHNS (78) "We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions"
WOW with a capital W! OMG He ROCKED it tonight! Watch out David C! Perfect job!
His lack of confidence surprises me.

7. CARLY SMITHSON (83) "Total Eclipse of the Heart"
(Is she PREGGERS or not?!) Great job, back up singers did good too...midway is it getting pitchy. Um yeah, the ending not so good. (Lovey said "she sings like a demon" I dont hate it that badly LOL) She looks very pretty tonight :) Randy is tough tonight dawg.

8. DAVID ARCHULETTA (90) "You're the Voice"
I don't know this song. Not feeling it at ALL. Aww after the judges talk he needs a hug :( Poor guy.

(Even my SOUND is better on DTV! KEWL!)

9. KRISTY LEE COOK (84) "God Bless the USA"
Smart song choice, nice flag background, she's a smart girl! Excellent job, great finish! LOL @ Simon saying "most clever song choice ever" ;)

(Any scary moving fans planning on seeing Prom Night? I like scary movies...not EVIL movies but ones that make you all breathless and skeered lol)

10. DAVID COOK (82) "Billy Jean"
O M G I LOVE IT! WOW ALL THE WAY! YO YO YO! he has SUCH control and YES the judges love it too OMGOSH I am a David Cook fan for LIFE ;) woohoo yay dawg! :D

Voted for DAVID COOK 5x, Brooke 2x, Kristy Lee (sorry Bren lol) 1x

Ok, bottom 3 will be...
Carly Smithson

I think Carly could go home this week.

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Bren said...

I like Kristy Lee!!! I do think her cuteness has kept her around.
OK...my 2 cents (there is no cent sign on my keyboard...hmmmm)
Jason Castro...it has really been bugging me, who does he look like??? I saw it tonight; JOHN TRAVOLTA!!! Is he high???? I think he smokes something before he comes on stage.
David Cook....He is the absolute IDOL!!! I love him!!!
David A....poor kid. why does he pick all "save the world" type songs??
Michael John...I like him...he is the only one older than my oldest kid. I don't feel so old when he sings. ;-p
Ramiele...she is not one of my favs at all...I can't get past the porn.
Carly...I have always liked her. She did great tonight.
Brooke...she has a bedroom voice. I loved her tonight.
Who did I forget???? Hmmmmmm
Oh yeah, what's her name? Syesha?? Very forgettable.
Overall it was a good night. I ff through Paula...she drives me nuts and what was with the outfit?? I was waiting for her to pull out a leather whip and smack Simon with it. You are right...Randy was harsh tonight.
One more thing...did you hear that background singer?? She was LOUD!!!

Pajama Mama said...

Woohoo! DTV! I am with you on all except KristyLee. But, I admit, part of my prob with her was bc I don't love the song...it's been oversung down here in the south.

Your boys are sweeeeet.

Blessings, Jeannie

Mamma D said...

it would make me sad if carly went home :(

ccsmomma said...

Mmmm...we agree, except for Kristy Lee. I'm just not feeling her. She's cute and sweet and all, but her voice is lacking something for me.

Happy Bloggin!

Pajama Mama said...

Melzie...did you hear Karlie sending us all a message tonight? That she's NOT pregnant! hahahahaha. Glad she clarified that for us. Enquiring minds want to know!


Megan said...

thanks for stopping by the blog today! i think we have the same bottom three.

i totally get the love/hate thing with Kristy. but i really don't see her going much further in the competition.

Donna Boucher said...

Love your idol recap!!