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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

AI 3/18/08 TOP 11 *BEATLES* (make it stop)

Can we PLEASE move on to a new genre?! Ugh..

1. AMANDA OVERMEYER- she's a 1 trick pony for sure. Even Hubby, who is NOT an AI fan said she sounds the same every week. She's getting slightly better OR like a fungus amongus is growing on me. I enjoy seeing her enjoy herself how's that?

2. KRISTY LEE COOK- ok Bren I have hopped OFF the KL wagon and MY MEASLY VOTE will not save her this week LOL I didnt vote for her. This was odd for me, too low? something...weird arrangement? I keep anticipating...something...anything...I love her but not this week and I think this was a watershed moment for her :(

3. DAVID ARCHULETTA- hmm I feel like he's getting kind of boring. This seemed Love Boat'ish. Less lip-licking so far OH SNAP there he went. Ending was better. He's so cute. (Did you catch Regis & Kelly last week when Anderson Cooper was on? Kelly did a HILARIOUS imitation of Paula threatening to pull David's head off and mount it on the dash cracked me UP) The screaming girls are too cute but he is so shell shocked every week...I think he's just too young.

4. MICHAEL JOHNS- starting WOW factor, weird middle, awkward seeming. Slower is better for him apparently, I agreed with Simon it was all over the place.

5. BROOKE WHITE- Slight twists, changed up a bit, working for her though! Fresher, funner but very very true to the original. WOW I totally disagreed with the judges YOU WOWED ME BROOKE :)

6. DAVID COOK- Oh yeah :) He's who Michael Johns WANTS to be! He is sooooo awesome. Oh PREDICTABLE?! no way there is a difference in PREDICTABLE and CONSISTENT :) I think Simon doesnt like that DC gets more attention than his teacher's pet Carly.

7. CARLY SMITHSON- very pretty tonight, pretty dress. oh shirt. Is she preggers? She wears some seriously maternity looking tops. This was good, not great. I predict Simon will fawn. SHOO I predict WRONG you go Simon =O

8. JASON CASTRO- Bluchy start, but his interview cracked me up :), corny middle, better ending. He's at least having fun w/it. I'm actually starting to like him. LOL at Paula calling it a polka, too funny.

9. SYESHA MERCADO- PRETTIEST. DRESS. EVER. Very pure voice, woohoo on hitting those big notes, very good job! Great control :) My girl is BACK :)

10. CHIKEZIE- I miss my DVR, I could be FFing this. Hmmm...whats this?! Then I'd have missed the rockabilly changeup! Wow that was so cute I loved it! :)

11. RAMIELE MALUBAY- blah totally forgettable. nice voice. nice sparkly eye shadow. The end ;)


Yes I've officially become a Chikezie fan :) Although I think David Cook will WIN TOTALLY WIN woohoo all my boys are David Cook fans also with Chikezie a close 2nd ;)

GOING HOME: sad to say but Kristy Lee Cook will be going home I believe.

Dont forget to go by Boomama's and post or just read all the AI posts sometime tonight or in the a.m. :)

xoxo melzie


Cobblestones said...

HA! You notice the lip-licking too! It REALLY distracts me, but not enough to make not LOVE him! :)

Cindy Beall said...

I love me some Syesha and David Cook, too!

Great minds think alike :)

Shelli said...

The lip-licking! So funny that we all see the same things.

Mamma D said...

Great post... I thought I saw a Carly baby bump last night and shrugged it off as my imagination. Hmmm?

Tamara said...

Lip-licking...I saw that, too. It is a distraction.

I agree on Carly's ensemble.

David Cook seems like a pro.

Pajama Mama said...

I think you and I are on the same page with our favorites! Although I didn't love Chikezie's song last night...it just didn't hit me right. I'm still a fan, though.

Thanks for the comment...

Jennifer said...

Thanks for stopping by!
I was nodding in agreement to pretty much everything you said. I have to say, I am SO pleased that Amanda went home!! YAY!!!

Sorry about all the flooding - hope your home didn't suffer!