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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

AI 2/27/08 GIRLS '70's NIGHT (late posting lol)

I lost my notes from the girls last week but I hate not to post them so I guess I'll just do it after the fact.

1. CARLY SMITHSON- Pretty good, not perfect. She seems a little *bouncy* More comfortable this week, shouty at the end.

2. SYESHA MERCADO- WOW factor for me! Love her! she is beautiful and has great vocals, she seems very versatile.

3. BROOKE WHITE- She is my favorite girl, the guitar is kinda distracting to me, I think the judges are going to hate this. I love her voice but I feel she made a bad choice and it feels kinda coffee-bar'ish to me. I love her but I think the judges wont like it. *YAY I am so glad to be wrong the judges loved it!

4. RAMIEL MALUBAY- she has a perfect powerhouse voice, very true and pure but I'm not a huge fan.

5. KRISTY LEE COOK- good job, better than last week. Did her voice break during her big note?

6. AMANDA OVERMEYER- horrible, scarier than last week, her vocals are ALL off, worst hair EVER, yuck yuck yuck.

7. ALAINA WHITAKER- poor posture, better on the chorus but not great. Simon called her "the dark horse of the competition and relevant for today" but I am not sure I agree..

8. ALEXANDREA LUSHINGTON- horrible outfit (vest, cargo shorts) blah blah performance, I agree with Simon, she is struggling and appearing very uncomfy and whiny.

9. KADY MALLOY- they never sound very good when they come down the stairs singing. Her singing stinks tonight, really bad, she is so sulky its very unattractive, she is SMIRKY. I dont like her.

10. ASHIAH EPPERSON- Pitchy, too low for her, not good-not horrible, shouty big notes.


I have been trying to watch the results show while Survivor is on commercials (oh DVR oh DVR how do I miss thee?) I *think Alexandrea went home which doesnt surprise me and ALAINA WHITAKER who, while not my favorite should NEVER EVER have went home before scary Amanda :( that was weird. Jason Yaeger and Robbie Carrico went home for the guys, both which doesnt surprise me either :) OK now to post the guys doin the 80's last night! xoxo melzie

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