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Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

AI GUYS 2/26 '70'S NIGHT

1. MICHAEL JOHNS-so cute :) Seems kind of breathless, too much voice-quaver-thingie, I'm just not feelin it much thru the verses, and the chorus seems shaky to me.

2. JASON CASTRO- sounds SO dorky LOL he looks like he's gona be so edgy then its just Love Boat or something. I agree with Simon it was *schmaltzy* He has nice teeth though...

3. LUKE MENARD- GAW he is a doll! I'm a 5:00shadow kinda girl ;) I WANT to like this :/ its pretty good, just not wow, he is ACTOR cute (I wrote that then Ryan called him 'Dawson's Creek' LOL)

4. ROBBIE CARRICO- very cute, very good job, I think he's authentic enough (until David Cook sang then I kinda get what they're saying about Robbie), very comfy in this genre I think he's having fun.

5. DANNY NORIEGA- bluch so arrogantly average. He DOES stand out but I'm not sure if its a good or a bad thing.

6. DAVID HERNADEZ- to me this is the Phil from last season (bald navy guy). He's very good he is just not a star. He has a twitchy mouth. Good vocals, its just good not great.

7. JASON YAEGER- he is SO cute but SO off pitch. I always WANT him to do well but he's just not doin it for me.

8. CHIKEZIE- slow start, GREAT middle, oh some SASS ;) A lot of fun to watch, totally on key, yay the best so far :)

9. DAVID COOK- word nerd I LOVE that ;) I am a word nerd too! I'm from Missouri too! Freaky huh? LOL he is cute, FLAWLESS performance, I could so see him as a NOW performer! New best so far LOL BUT he didnt do any favors trash talking Simon and getting visibly irate over it :/

10. DAVID ARCHULETA- O M G he makes me CRY, he MOVES me. He is so pure and so vulnerable I want to hug him (NOTE I sound like PAULA lol ackkk) His mom and dad crying OMG that was so unforgetable, I think we have our AI winner yall can go on home now...go on try out next season its done ;)

1x for Robbie Carrico
1x for Chikezie
4x for David Cook
1x for David Archuleta and then you could NOT get through the phone lines for him again but he gets ALL my votes to win woohoo!

I'd say either Jason Castro or David Hernandez

See ya tomorrow night for the ladies! xoxo melzie

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