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Thursday, February 21, 2008


I love Idol Blogging :D OVERALL I dont think the ladies are as strong as the men this year BUT since some were sick I'll reserve that judgement until next week ;)

1. KRISTY LEE COOK- very pretty girl, doing a weird eye thing, fairly ok singer, song is monotone, too safe?

2. JOANN BORGELLA-I'm just not feelin it. I was more of a Carden fan myself. She seems very nasally to me.

3. ALAINA WHITAKER-I dont think I can get past her diztiness (that a word? LOL). She's shouting in the middle. Good finish though.

4. AMANDA OVERMEYER-she scared me :( seriously. ::note to Ryan, raise your eyes about 12 inches there bud::

5. AMY DAVIS-honestly never heard her before. Pretty voice be seemed totally off key 100million% to me. Very pretty slanty eyes :)

6. BROOKE WHITE- one of my favorite audition'ers :) Good start, good middle, stop doing the weird my-hair-is-sexy thing. Very good job! I like her :)

7. ALEXANDREA LUSHINGTON-solid vocals, boring song, I like her funky style.

8. KADY MALLOY-GORGEOUS girl, definite danger of becoming nasally, trying to oversing a bit, she can hit those hi notes but IMO she is very nasally.

9. ASIAH EPPERSON (from MO lol) LOVED her audition, LOVE her husky voice, very good vocals but performance was kind of manic. Overperformed but at least she showed pep. She is adorable!

10. RAMIELE MALUBAY-I think she has WOW factor for singing but not so much performance wise. Her voice is GREAT but I am not a huge fan of hers yet.

11. SYESHA 'YES' MERCADO- GORGEOUS girl! I didnt like her original audition but loved her Hollywood week. Has a lot of heart, WOW factor for me! Love her! She is SASSY lol.

12. CARLY SMITHSON-her eyebrows originally scared me, better tonight. Gorgeous voice but I am not a fan of hers so far. Kinda blah and pitchy in parts. Are the judges biased towards her or what? Oh wait, YAY SIMON I agree hehe.


going home-Joann, Alaina, Alexandrea could be anyone LOL.

I want to find more AI bloggers! We need a blog ring for AI bloggers! Send them my way if you know of any and lets set something up! xoxo melzie

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Bren said...

I hope that Kady gets voted off. She is borderline (insert B word)...a little too much in love with herself. I thought the girls did better than the guys.