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Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


YAY I am so excited to be back to AI!!!!! I dont have DVR this year so that may pose a potential scheduling conflict for Thurs. night Survivor :/ We'll see. OK here are my impressions ;)

  1. DAVID HERNANDEZ cute-average singer-stood so still-twitchy face lol
  2. CHIKEZIE adorable cheeks ;) shaky start-strong middle (what song was that?) very good finish! :) Seems like he's having a good time. very twinkly eyes.
  3. DAVID COOK ok home state guy ;) I *thought* this guy was my fave but as the night wore on I liked others more. cute-fat lips-very good singer. I like the gravelly quality of his voice-smiles seem very genuine.
  4. JASON YEAGER very cute-very disney'ish performance. Blase in my opinion. Off pitch (confirmed by Randy lol), but the AWWW factor about his Grandma ;)
  5. ROBBIE CARRICO ok my new fave LOL. good start, good singer, WOW factor for sure. one to watch!
  6. DAVID ARCHULETA I ADORE him and what Ryan said? About adopting him? Yeah, dontcha just want to HUG him? Bake him cookies? LOL he is very consistent so far, a total cutie. least fave performance of his IMO he is just so YOUNG that this genre is kind of odd on him. He is going to be sooooooo popular with the girls ;)

    *ok now my blog quit doing the bullets for me @@

    7. DANNY NORIEGA very good singer, seems consistent, ok VERY good. I'm pleasantly surprised! He was very very good! He had fun for sure, disagree w/simon.

    8. LUKE MENARD very cute! no wow, boring, didnt hear (or didnt remember) any of his auditions. (but good LORD he's gorgeous ;)

    9. COLTON BERRY seems to have a lot of personality, good vocals, again very young and awkward in this genre.

    10. GARRETT HALEY he just creeped me out.

    11. JASON CASTRO had a phone call and missed some, I didnt like it then Simon loved it so maybe I missed something but I'm not feelin it at all dawg.

    **during my phone call the issue of the word BURSTED came up, as in she bursted my bubble about something. Is that a word (I'm thinking not lol)

    12. MICHAEL JOHNS oh yeahhhhhh been waiting for this one ;) LOVE the accent, he is very sexy, blew me away with his BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY the other night, OMGOSH he is so HAWT (lol) WOW FACTOR 1000% WOOHOO

    My faves-MICHAL JOHNS, ROBBIE CARRICO AND DAVID ARCHULETA in that order. I think David Cook could have went FARTHER but for Michael Johns kwim? Its like Michael took that slot.

    TO GO HOME- Garret Haley or Jason Castro

    If you blogged about AI leave me a comment I want to read! xoxo melzie


Bren said...

I am not blogging about it, but I will share my thoughts here. I LOVED LOVED LOVED Michael Johns also. HE IS THE NEXT IDOL for sure!! I think Chekeize (I am sure I misspelled that) will go home. Jason Castro had some shakey spots but he really was ok. I really dislike Danny...something about him irritates me and I would like to see him go NOW. Really, in comparison to Micheal Johns, they all sucked!
Now Survivor...there is a blog post!!
It was great to catch up with your blog. I love your haircut. I noticed it first thing even before I read about it!

Emily said...

I sort of blogged :P I didnt get to see it but i posted about David Archuleta and Danny Noriega. I have to look the others up on youtube sometime.

Merci said...

Ahhh, back to AI. I blogged. It's good to be back to our obsession, no? ;)

kjquilts said...

Melzie, love your reviews! I read them last year and I'll be back for more this year!