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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Halloween pics & Misc. updates

Neighbors from across the street, he is a (bad) Elvis impersonator, she is a sweet old lady with beginner alzheimers.

Hawger aka power ranger, Wildchild's friend the fireman, and Wildchild aka superman

Close up of the man of steel ;)

Acckkk take me to your Lovey Leader LOL
I've got more pics to share later.
Hubby got a job! PRAISE GOD! And the starting money is more than we expected, and I think we are going to catch up and be ok :)
Wildchild is having blood pressure issues, they took him off his adhd meds and still high bp. So he has to STAY OFF HIS ADHD MEDS TIL JANUARY TIL HE SEES A CARDIOLOGIST. By then I'LL need some high bp meds also LOL.
Today is my middle sister's birthday..Happy Birthday M!
My baby sister called me this a.m. to tell me there was a murder/suicide across the street from her last night OYE! Scary stuff. no she doesnt live in a 'hood...she lives out in the BOONIES lol. Weird...
Survivor picks thus far-James #1, Todd he is such a playa schemer LOL.
Amazing Race- Too early to pick faves, I would have like to have seen that Ari and Stealla go farther they'd have been fun to watch. The Goths are fun to watch :) Me and my boys ROFL last night at those braying non-moving donkeys LOLOL that was HILARIOUS.
I guess I got booted from the "new" Q4P rings, at one time the rejection of a blog ring would have killed me...now I'll shrug and move on. I did get my sewing room almost cleaned out last night, and will finish it later today :)
50! Days til Christmas!
xoxo melzie
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Bren said...

LOL you did not get booted from the ring...it just closed so we all got booted. There is a new ring Q4F (Quilt for fun) that took started in its place. All you have to do is join. I chose not to but I am on a hand quilters ring. We rarely have things to show because we hand quilt! My blog has become more homemaking/sewing so I thought it was not fair for me to rejoin the new group.

A Flowered Purse said...

Love all the pics and awesome news on Danny getting a job!!
Love you

LauraJ said...

Oh what lovely pictures!! All of them! And those costumes are too cute! Hooray hubby got a job! I knew things would work out for you folks! :D

Susan said...

I'm so glad about Danny's job. I thought I'd find some details, like what he's doing now, but I don't see that. Did I miss it? Looks like everyone in your pics had a wonderful time!