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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Rednekkidness is alive and well here lol

Today Hawger and I were at a yardsale, and they had a sign that when I read it


I thought MAN I wish I had my camera! I'd blog that as so totally rednekkid. Open (mental) mouth and insert (mental) foot, because about that time my oh so sophisticated Hawger belts out


Uh huh. He ran over by their overflowing trashcans and picked up two aluminum cans proud as a peacock. I love my life ;)

Pictured below all my flowers from this time (or earlier) last year...

This pale orange one is very scraggly looking now...

This climber has about 3 very anemic looking blooms on it

And my peace rose-NADA

Lots of buds but no blooms yet. Our late late frost season was bad on them. I do have a very pretty pink rose that was just planted last year blooming in spades :) I'll try to get a pic as soon as I get cam batteries mine are totally dead.

Have a great Sunday! xoxo melzie

aluminum cans to recycle ;)
Sunday school (we're studying JOY)
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Aunt Jenny said...

I love your blog. Rednekkidness runs deep in my family. Husband still hasn't got the christmas lights down off the house yet..sigh. My dad and brother one time had a contest to see who could get them to last the longest without taking them down. At six years my brother won since my mom MADE my dad take theirs down to pain the trim on the house. He was ticked off too!! hehee.
Your flowers are so pretty. Things are just beginning to bloom here..mostly things like tulips, iris, and like that.

Susan said...

That boy is such a sweetie! LOL! I love peace roses. My aunt had some when they first were available, and they were her best bloomers. It's great to know they are still around!

Here, everything is blooming earlier than last year. Weather is so strange!

Shelina said...

You have some beautiful roses. All my roses have turned back to their stock. They are still pretty, but not quite the original intent.