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Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Well hello blog readers! All I dunno, 5 of you LOL. How are you today? I am very good thanks for asking. I had a DAY yesterday a NO GOOD VERY BAD TERRIBLE DAY. I almost blogged about it then thought why let it live in infamy? I'll let it fade off into the sunset of my memory quietly ;)

I will however share the end of it. I love dvr. I HEART DVR. I pay $35 a month just to have dvr, my locals (because all I get otherwise is cbs and fox, no abc or nbc), and they make me pay for the smallest package which is Dish Family. So I set me dvr to record ALL my favorite shows, even though I am home to watch alot of them. But that way if I am running late or otherwise occupied I dont have to worry! Well the whole season of Amazing Race running over should have taught me a lesson. If something is delayed, the dvr only records from time A to time B. It doesnt account for delays or running over! And I didnt think of that! I didnt think of the AMERICAN IDOL FINALE RUNNING OVER PEOPLE. sob. So I was about 30 min. behind the show, (that way I can successfully ffwd thru commercials and such as Tony Bennet and Greeday and Sanjaya). So the dvr kicked off at 9:03ish and I was still about 20 min. from the end. So we get to the end, Blake and Jordin are standing there, on stage, with Ryan, who is dragging it out, and YOU GUESSED IT MY STINKIN DVR KICKED OFF BEFORE I SAW THE RESULTS. I mean like RYAN TOOK A DEEP BREATH AND off it went. I cried. I know its stupid, but I did. So I sent the kids to bed, trying to not be upset, when Wildchild runs in and says mom come here come here. We ran in my bedroom (I record on tv2) and he said I think we can still rewind it back! And YES WE COULD AND DID AND SAW THE END AND HE SAVED THE DAY :) Three cheers!

But that did make me realize my perspectives are probably way whacked. When was the last time I cried because I missed the end of a sermon at church? When was the last time I had to talk myself out of being upset because I had to stay home from church with a sick child? THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GOD'S BEFORE ME, what does that mean? Anything you put BEFORE or MORE VALUE on than God. Ouch.

Well today is a new day thank you Lord :) I am hoping to go to THE 100 MILE YARDSALE TOMORROW Its actually suppose to rain so I dont have concrete plans yet, that way I wont be disappointed if it rains out :) Its soooooooo fun I am a yardsale freak.

My flowers are all blooming out but my camera battery is still dead so no pics to show.

My cats have fleas and we are being eaten alive. I go to the vet today to get some flea dope for them. (and us lol).

Oprah a couple weeks ago was about the woman who was battered by her husband, and he made their son video it, did anyone see that? Well today was the follow up interview with the children, and I had my dvr set this whole time to record it and IT WAS ON YESTERDAY. I caught the last 60 seconds or so. I am going to email Oprah and protest.

I still havent turned my A/C on. I see how long we can go each year w/out using it. One year we went til mid July! (but my air was BROKEN that year LOL still though we were w/out air so it counts people!)

Well this is about all the miscellaneous junk I can pack into one blog post. Hope you have a good rest of the week and holiday weekend! xoxo melzie

New mercies every day
Quick thinking 13 yr olds ;)
Godly tv programs like Way of the Master with Kirk Cameron
Sweet blog readers ;)


Nancy said...

I also DVR AI and wait about 1/2 to 3/4 hour before I start watching so I can zip thru the boring stuff. I'm glad you were able to reverse and catch the end cause mine wouldn't let me. :-( But at least I did a google search and found out who won.

I have to say although I enjoyed it I doubt I'll watch religiously again. It's more a poplularity contest than a true talent contest. Not that Jordan isn't talented. She's gonna go a long way and with that big voice - if she doesn't go nutso - she'll end up a Diva. Just think Melinda should have won as she's a much more well-rounded performer. After Melinda my choice would have been Lakisha. Blake wasn't even in my top 20. And even though I think Melinda should have won - Gina was my favorite from the whole bunch. Although I knew she'd never win there's just something about her that captured my attention. But then I'm more of a rocker girl myself. :-)

Aunt Jenny said...

Oh...I am glad you got to see it after all. I was out and forgot that it was results night and only got home for the last 20 minutes so I only saw the end..which was perfect.
Wow...that yard sale sounds wonderful!!!!

Shelina said...

I too am glad you got to see the finale. Now you have all this free time you will have now that it is over.

There is a huge yard sale in our area too - The National Road, but I thought it was next weekend. I certainly hope ours is next weekend since that is when we were planning on having our sale.

Susan said...

Yeah, we DVR, too. All my favorite SciFi programs. =) We don't have the locals at all, since that whole mess last winter.

Aren't kids great? Little Wildchild was thinking about you being unhappy. =)

Love your insights.

I'm sure there are more than 5!