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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Blogs that inspire me part 2

*Trying out these new google documents, I believe you can publish to blogger from here, but I can also SAVE IT if blogger binges my post again.

Ok on with the non-quilter bloggers who make me think :)

Laura is a single mom of her beautiful special needs son Aaron. She is so young, and so fun :) I think she and I would laugh all night long if we ever got together. AND SHE QUILTS :)

Grim Reality Girl is a very eloquent blogger, you feel what she feels as she shares. She lost her mom last year and she is as acquainted with depression pit as I am.

Kelli is a sweet mom and a strong Christian. She is currently on the nat'l donor list for a kidney transplant. Her blog will floor you as you read how she stays faithful and hopeful. Go read it, pray for her and her family, and sign up to be an organ donor. You cant take 'em with you :)


Susan (desertsky quilting) is one of the most generous, giving people I've ever met online. And I dont say that because she has sent me a book and some other goodies, I say that because of her work for Quilts of Valor, giving quilts to soldiers and their familes...but also because last year Susan gave me the gift of believing in myself. And she is a strong Godly woman who is very quiet and dignified about her faith :)

Jenny is tons of fun to read. She has a farm, a cow named Mona, pretty kitties, and she quilts :) I want to come stay a week or two with her lol.

Nancy is friendliness personified. She always takes time out for a personal word or encouragement.

Susan(patchwork reflections), Jeanne and Finn all remind me of the phrase "still waters run deep". They are full of wisdom, and they can crank out some awesome quilts in record times LOL.

All my favorite quilt bloggers are the ones that share parts of their lives, not just fabric and quilts and notions. Otherwise we are like co-workers that never really get to know each other outside the job. This was kinda hard to do because I read 154 blogs LOL. But just know that if you are on my blogroll you are my favorite indeed! xoxo melzie

PS now you guys are suppose to tag 5 more bloggers.


LauraJ said...

Good Morning! And Thank you-you're a doll! I'd imagine us up till 4 am being silly nillies talking about everything under the sun!

Barbie said...

154?? Oh my word lol How do you find the time? ;-) I just found you through Laurels blog. Love the pics of the kitties! They are too cute!!!

Susan said...

Wow, Melzie, I'm speechless! Your words are very kind. You are well worth being encouraged and supported.