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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Moi? A blog that makes you think?! :)

Holy Thinking Bloggers! I was tagged as a blog that makes you think! My mouth literally fell open when I read that Clare had tagged me. My blog is such a mismatch patwork of my chaotic thoughts but I am glad to know someone besides me likes it LOL.

Ok well first off I broke the rules by having more than 5 to tag.

Then I broke the rules a bit more, because I have quilt bloggers to tag, and non-quilt bloggers. Hope thats ok ;) If you see a blog you dont know, please stop by and read it I wouldnt recommend it if it were not very very good! Ok on to the linky love. *Apparently I have to do this in two posts, is there a size limit to posts perhaps? :( It ate half my post again wahhh*

Boomama FUNNIEST. BLOG. EVER. But not only funny, its FUN to visit there. And Boomama has a heart for Christ, and for others. Seriously if I could pick one person in blogland to meet in real life it would be her :)

Randi is one of my best blogger buds. She quilts, she prays, she did a Christian Book study with me that helped me push thru my depression last year. AND she made me a PURSE (look on her blog for a link to her online store and see how cool it was to get THAT in the mail :)

Laurel has a blog for God. She is such an inspiration to me in how she lives and parents and gives back to others. You will not be sorry you visited her blog, you'll be refreshed! (and we are in the moms of 3 boys support group LOL)

Heather is the mom of Emma Grace. And I'd have picked her even before this week just because she parents her special needs daughter in such a way to inspire anyone. But last week Heather herself found herself facing the valley of the shadow of..well. Click the link. And pray for her and her family. And be blessed by her faith immediately. See next post for more...

*updated to add blogger is eating posts left and right :( Heartburn curses to you blogger and I'll be back later to add more :) xoxo melzie

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