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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Monday, April 16, 2007

hello bloggers :)

Its rare anymore for me to post without pictures but something is on my mind. I'm a negative person. My glass always half empty, and usually leaking out or spilled. Dark clouds hover over me and if anything can go wrong it will and in spades. And I dont like to be this way. I want to be positive. I dont feel negativity (haha first I typed that nagativity but nagging is a whole 'nother post) has any place in the life of a Christian. I had done a book study on Joyce Meyer's Battlefield of the Mind last year that helped tremendously but now I have fallen right back to that half empty scenario. And negativity affects not only me and my attitude, but my whole home. Hubby and I are fussing aLOT lately and I am trying to figure out which came first, my bad attitude or his. (his I'm sure LOL). I feel like the most baby'ist Christian ever, I'm always falling, never growing and have stagnated so long I probably stink. SO dunno why I am posting this hear other than to hear myself type lol.

Its a typical Monday, need to rob Peter to pay Paul today on the bills front, send in more resumes even though for over 2 mos now no one ever calls. Got Mount Washmore to tackle. Hawger's been sick a whole week with a bad case of bronchitis. I took him in last Tues. and Doogie Howser (you know the 12 yr old dr? LOL) said it was a virus and then by Fri. I took him BACK in to see our ped and full blown "bad case" of bronchitis :( poor Hawger he's been miserable. (see why I'm negative?! LOL...no excuses I know).

I'm almost done with that baby quilt I showed blocks for last week, I want to tie it but I cant find MY embroidery thread, bought some and cant find THAT one either. (negative negative!) I'm starting a new book, the Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer it seems spot on for me. I'll let you know how good it was. Ok off to finish my coffee and tackle my day :) xoxo melzie

PS anyone quilt bloggery going to Paducah Quilt show? I am only an hr from there and I'd love to find someone to spend a day with there :) xoxo melzie


Su Bee said...

(((hugs))) I tend to be negative also, so I know how it is. Every once in awhile you have to vent it out so you can climb back up and soldier on till next time. As Christians we're always falling, but always caught in Safe Hands. I raised a special needs child also who is now 30 years old, I can hardly believe. Those years were so long and so difficult, but just as everyone promised me - they passed. Yours too, will pass. Keep on keepin' on, keep your Faith and walk thru the fire - you are not alone!

Robin said...


I've been where you are...I often feel like a cloud is hovering around me. I occasionally watch Joyce Meyer on tv in the morning. She is so right on target. I would love to go to one of her conferences.