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Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

American Idol recap 4/10

Well Jen Lopez appears relaxed and ready. I really didnt see a whole lot of mentoring going on but Phil at least was quite star struck. Ok on to recaps..

MELINDA- bluh, boring, she looks about 50 yrs old. WOW Simon is finally coming around to my way of thinking muah Simon ;)

LAKISHA- Fox totally blacked out, skip fwd skip fwd, ok its coming back on...straight to

CHRIS RICH OMGOSH I finally saw a spark in him! I loved this! Best of him so far. I have not been on the boat in seeing whats appealing about him besides his great smile but he did great tonight :) Yo dawg!

HALEY- Ok I've officially jumped ship on the Haley cruise. This was awful. She has less clothes on every week. Her armpits had a 5 o'clock shadow. Her hair is cute but her face is overmade. Even Simon is tired of seeing her legs LOL

PHIL- bluh I'm ready for him to be gone too. The very end was gritty and interesting but overall very BLASE

JORDIN- Excellent fun performance :) Made that song sound fresh, definite yo factor

BLAKE- He could make instrumental music sound good LOL I love him :)

SANJAYA-HOLY COW the world just tilted on its axis...cuz I almost LIKED that. My jaw dropped. A fly flew in. It got bored and flew back out. Ok maybe not that much hehe. But he could have found his niche! Somewhat weird eye stuff going on but hey overall halfway decent job by him :)

END RECAP BY RYAN- ok I saw Lakisha now. I think her spark is burning out. She was behind the beat I think just from the snippet I saw.

HIPPIE! Did you see one of the Hippies from Amazing Race at the end? BJ or Tyler I cant remember which is which :)

GO HOME- Haley or Phil

FAVES OF MELZIE- Blake, Jordin, Chris Richardson

xoxo melzie

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Jenn B. said...

Hi Melzie! Thanks for stopping by my TV blog! I tried to write positive notes, but last night was difficult. Great recap on the performances. I'm anxious to see who goes on to the Top 7!