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Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Well we are having revival at church so I had to tape and watch later :) Very good show tonight in my humble opinion LOL.

*Have to note first...SIMON...showing off his chest ;) I think he is so cute LOL

CHRIS- fairly good job, shows some emotion to it, one of my faves from him so far!

MELINDA- WOW I've never been on the Melinda train, but give this girl a meaty Jesus song and watch her go to TOWN! I would totally buy a gospel cd of hers :) She sang that with so much passion, felt like a worship service :) She made me cry! And thats a Faith Hill song? I'd never heard it I dont think.

BLAKE- Not one of my favorite songs. He looks adorable though ;) He did the song itself justice, kind of copyish but it was a decent copy LOL not a cheap knock off ;)

*All this positive reinforcement from Simon is freaking me out LOL

LAKISHA- hmm. Well the 2nd week she sang a former Idol's song, thats maybe not a good thing. She looks beautiful but its not doing it for me. Seems she is pushing way to hard and oversinging. She doesnt ever smile anymore :( And her hyphenating the word REA-LIZED seemed not very natural to me. Good luck this week KiKi you may need it :(

PHIL- Definitely a step down from last week, he did a decent job just now a wow one. I'd buy a country cd by him but like the Tim McGraw cd I bought last week I'd probably only listen to a song or two on it.

*Its very interesting to see how well the contestants do according to genre.

JORDIN- WOW I am floored. She made me cry. She made herself cry LOL and that emotion you see from her, well you cant buy that :) I predict Jordin and Melinda in the final two.

*Rewound Melinda to hear her sing again and WOW I enjoyed it again :) I want a copy of that song! By her! Right now!

GOING HOME- Phil or KiKi

MELZIE VOTED FOR- Well my heart had my voting for Melinda but my flesh for Blakers LOL. With the extended voting time I got to vote for a change :) I sent a token vote in for Jordin but I doubt she needs mine. But hey every vote counts tonight! We have church (revival) again tonight so I'll be taping again which is awesome I can fast fwd thru all those performances I wont care for. I wonder if 50 million votes came thru last night. I do want to see Carrie Underwood sing I bought her cd last week too and LOVE it :) If you watch the show leave me a comment I love to discuss :) xoxo melzie

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Merci said...

I do love Melinda leading church! I wish she could do that every week! I have to say though, I agree with Ryan and wish Simon could have found his missing button - eww! There is such a thing as too much Simon! ;) Can't wait to see who goes home tonight ...