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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

AI RECAPS 3/6-3/7

Ok guys first-

Blake-EXCELLENT very good performance, so fun to watch!

Sanjaya- creepy but I am mondo jealous of his hair ;) Was he ahead of the beat? (note: when Simon said "ghastly" in his accent...........SWOON ;)

Sundance-started awesome, love his gritty real sound. Chorus sounded a little forced but excellent overall.

Chris Rich- an ok performance. Not great but better than his usual bobbleheading LOL. I never agree with the judges on him...

Jared- whew he's a hottie ;) Did not do a lot for me with his singing though.

Brandon- starting to grown on me, good, but not great. Paula flirts with him LOL

Phil- I hated this for him, iffy start to his night, geeky hat. Not a great night for him, I'm worried :(

Chris Sligh- great start, good job, best from him so far IMO.

TO GO HOME PREDICTION- Sanjaya and Brandon

MELZIES FAVES-Blake and Sundance



Jordin- Excellent job! Wow factor for sure. Simon was psycho in his comments to her tonight I totally disagreed (ghastly Simon, ghastly ;)

Sabrina-very nice, loud but strong performance

Antonella-good start, better for me this time, fairly ok.

Haley- she is so Disney'ish to me, and even though Simon came across very rude I agreed with him :X

Stephanie- decent, good job

Lakisha WOOHOO go girl ;) Perfect job! (her and Sanjaya sharing hair tips this week?!)

Gina- LOVE her :) LOVED THIS PERFORMANCE! Definite "YO" factor in my book ;)



MELZIES FAVES- Gina, Melinda, Jordin, Lakisha

xoxo melzie


dcrmom said...

Hi! It's always fun to read someone else's recap.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your recap too..the kids and I catch AI all we can but missed a few of the boys and the girls performances this week...did catch the results show last night though. Wow.
I like Chris and Lakisha I think best at this point.
have a great weekend..
Love, Aunt Jenny