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Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mail, remnants, spiders and beads OH MY

3 birthday FQ's received so far! LOVE the colors :)

My latest ebay purchase-the patches were a freebie :) This green fabric is made by the same designer as that neat looking ladybug panel a few posts down. THIS FABRIC FEELS SO NEAT it feels almost as soft as flannel but much richer! Its hard to explain :)

The above 2 (3 fq's plus ebay fabric) plus a book from desertsky quilting's Susan all arrived in the mail on Monday...as I got home from that funeral. It totally made my day :) That is the 2nd book Susan has sent me by the way so a very PUBLIC THANK YOU to her is in order =D

Some remnant fabric I got today! I love the wonky houses I've seen on someone's blog this week (if I find it again I'll link back!) and this made me think of that :)

Lastly, some beads I got today for a 4th grade project for Luvey, and a spider picture from Hawger :)

We have discovered the neatest spider in our alley, I got a few pics I'll post later. We've been watching her every day!

Yesterday and last night was the fair for the big boys and the demolition derby. Late night but lots of fun! The downside-we were stuck sitting by a MAJOR DRUNK and his MAJOR DRUNK girlfriend. He was of all things in a huge unyieldy scooter/wheelchair. Yes drunk driving. They were totally obnoxious :( I took some pics I will share later LOL. They were putting on a show so I obliged ;-)

Friday is fair day for Hawger! I'm sure I'll have tons of pics to share, I need to figure how to make flickr albums..I have an account but all my pics are jumbled into one album.

Hmm thats all the news I know of, havent been sewing at all. Tomorrow night is Survivor premiere, anyone watching??

Well, have a good Thursday all =)

Spiders OUTSIDE in their NATURAL habitats (as opposed to IN HERE WITH ME LOL)
Very cool fall-like weather today!
Premieres :)
Awesome mail days!

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Jeanne said...

This time of year I see those huge garden spiders around, too, with the big beautiful webs. I always admire them and hope they catch a tasty bug for dinner!
Jeanne :)

Nancy said...

Those are some wonderful squishy's you've received there! Don't you just love getting goodies in the mail?

Swampwitch said...

I love the fabric with the 'gambol' quail. We have about 6 coveys with babies this year. One is an albino and we didn't think it would make it because "everyone" picked on it. But, we spotted it (don't know if it's girl or boy) last evening and it has grown so much.
All the fabrics are beautiful and I'm envious that I don't quilt.
Thanks for stopping by this morning. Your ideas for the contest are too funny.

Amy P The Calico Cat said...

Survivor - YES! (I am so addicted. I like the challenges & the way you have people to play with, in my life, I like to find someone to play cards with!)

Can I had a tiny 3.5 inch charm from your remnant? (I am collecting cat charms for a quilt...) I could send you some fabric in return...