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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Less than 7 hrs!

Yes I am counting down to Survivor! Its been a long dry tv summer LOL.

I'm bored, my head isnt hurting but almost, like it cant make up its mind. My head cant make up its mind haha thats FUN-NAY. We say FUN-NAY like Forrest Gump says JEN-NAY.

Today I am dragging winter clothes out and making huge piles for my kids to try on tonight. They'll have a fit.

I have oh about 3 thank you notes to send to people, 2 birthday cards and a sympathy card and Amy at the Calico Cat wants me to mail her some kitty fabric SO I need to get crackin on that too.

ALL I REALLY WANT TO DO IS GO OUTSIDE AND WATCH THE BIG FLUFFY CLOUDS FLOAT BY :) The walnut trees are already loosing their leaves. Me and Hawger watched them floating down today-looked like golden snow I told him. Only well you know what golden snow REALLY means HAHA ANOTHER FUN-NAY. ;-)

Just got in from Hawger getting on the bus, Mr Watkins across the street shot a squirrel with his 22 right in front of us @@ He use to be a taxidermist and he has tableaus set up all over his house of squirrels in airplanes, playing poker, etc. He is old as dirt.


This is Miss Spider, a female yellow garden spider. We've been watching her every day! We got to see her do a Shelob on a poor little Frodo-esque bee, if you look closely you can still see his stinger out! (Those are Lord of the Rings references for you non-Tolkien'ists lol)

Pretty neat huh? :) These are both of her from the bottom, I'd like to get her top =)

Have a great Thursday! Come back tomorrow and we'll discuss Survivor ;-)

Cool breezes
No a/c needed
Fair week (tomorrow is Hawgers day :)
Dove Dark Chocolate

xoxo melzie


Amy P The Calico Cat said...

YAY Someone else who likes Survivor. :o)

Susan said...

Just stopping by for a quick minute to see what you've been up to. I miss coming over every day for a chat!

Katie said...

Yup. I'm into survivor too.

susan said...

Hi, just came over from Spiral. I was anxiously anticipating Survivor also, there is Nothing to watch on TV! I liked it, and of course agreed with the vote-off. Now he can go take all the breaks he needs! REPRESENT!

Susan from GA

Mrs. Moody said...

Send the Fall weather here! My little four legged friends need it and so do I! The sweat that this boot on my foot produces is no fun.