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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Friday, August 18, 2006


LOL Ok this picture is hilarious. I was walking thru the house with my camera and Hawger said "take my picture" So I got it on and focused and this is what he did. I took it anyways then prettied it up ;) Dorky but cute! Wonder what little boys that age daydream of?

This is the next street over from mine, thats probably why I get so many "critters" in my yard!

My 10 yr old Loveydovey. He is my special needs son. He is getting so big, the bones in his face are coming out, and so is his ATTITUDE shooooooooo. Too big for his britches LOL

And last but not least, I show pics of my cats in my sewing room all the time but here's my shadow :) This is Fraser the poodle. AKA dumb dog. People told me over and over how smart mini poodles are well...he didnt get THAT particular gene let me tell ya. Still, he barks when people knocks and 75% of the time he is pretty good LOL.

I will post a pic of my oldest soon, he's in that hiding from the camera stage LOL. He is having a hard time at jr. high so far :(

Well I got my hst going but now they are ugly :( So I may pull more fabric and start over. I have to get some batting and rotary blades today, PRAY I dont even GLANCE at the fabric lol. I got the binding sewn down on the baby quilt but I have no clue how to handsew the other side down.

Hubby will have a very good paycheck this weekend, and he's sold some stuff on ebay. So I am thinking "yes time to play catchup on bills" and he is thinking "I want to buy this race car and resell it for profit". Time for a compromise LOL.

Also OMG realized this a.m. my computer which we bought from gateway on deferred payment, I thought was due Sept. 3 was due AUG. 3!!! So we are in trouble I am sure. I have told hubby for MONTHS to call and try to set up payment plan but he never did so if I disappear soon you'll know its cause gateway came and took away my favorite toy LOLOL. Ack!!

I have to take my stepson to take his driver's test today (ack again lol). Wish me luck! He got a job (finally) that he starts Mon. Have a good weekend all!

Sunny morning
Hot coffee
Batting on sale at Hancock's
My rotten boys :)
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RANDI said...

I think that there must be a gene that causes kids to start running from the camera at a certain age! I have very few pics of my teenage girls and whenever i appear with a camera they conveniently disappear!

Leah S said...

Aww, I was kinda hoping to see a picture of you too, it's so lovely being able to "meet" quilters. :)

Linda_J said...

Good looking boys--dark hair like yours it appears.

And so it goes at your little piece of the world.......

Laurie Ann said...

Fraser is just the cutest! I'd take him home in a minute. I used to have a chocolate poodle named Snickers. She was awesome!