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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Handsewing help needed

Ok I need a really REALLY simple easy to understand site that gives hand sewing instructions. I want to try handsewing this binding on but I dont know HOW. I also want to know how to handsew stuff like when you put a pillowcase finish on a quilt, or those pincushions after you turn them right side out then handsew the hole. Does anyone have any sites saved such as that?

I got the pincushion tutorial at Whip Up. I dont feel very good today I think I am going to veg in some sweats and relax today.

Babysitting the sweetest cutest lil bundle of pink yesterday. Almost gave me babyitis. But not quite LOL
A new puzzle bought from walmart, it has sewing room stuff on it! (gooseberry patch puzzle!)
Pretty green grass this a.m. for it to be mid-August in SE MO its still really REALLY green and lush usually its all brown and dead by now.

Have a good day :) xoxo melzie


Linda_J said...

Melzie, you might try this one

I know that it is applique stitching site but scroll on down. It is the same thing for doing binding, it is an applique stitch (ladder stitch) rather than a hemming stitch which is the way I do it, anyway. You work right to left and can keep the bulk of the quilt away from you that way--good in the summer heat. Normally I pile it up on my big office desk where the best light source is.

Some of my friends in quilt group do just the opposite but I don't try to correct them--whatever works for them and gets the job done. It should NOT look like whip stitches though where you can see it--match the thread to the binding color the best you can and not the backing fabric.

Email me off list and tell me how close you were to US 60-62 etc. I may well have gone by your area the past few days---who knew?

Susan said...

applying binding for the machine part. Bonnie has a tutorial on her site.

Quilter's Cache has a little drawing and info, on their applique site.

hand stitching directions.

stitch drawings