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Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

CRITTERS (cuter lol not so icky)

Well back to school night is over. Hawger's stuff is in his little cubby waiting for Monday. He LOVED it. Pouted to stay. I cannot believe how big he is. Since I showed all the pictures of icky critters yesterday I'll show you a few of Hawger aka Ellie May Clampett and his critters today :)
He is a frog FREAK. Loves them! Look at this big ole toad big brother found for him yesterday.

This is the look I got when I told King Ripoff to kiss the toad and see if it turns into your princess LOL. He was saying "MOOOOOOOOOOOM"

Here's a turtle from a few wks ago

Itty bitty toad he found.

And yes we do believe in catch and release LOL. I'll NEVER forget the day he came running in the house and his brother was yelling "mom mom look hawger found a squirrel!" I bout died when I saw a LIVE (albeit, lifeless) squirrel in his hands IN THE HOUSE. It was breathing, but very lethargic. I kept it alive a day and a half with honey water and warm towels then it expired and we had a service for it. SIGHHH :) He's a very big boy with an even bigger heart. He is my joy. My other boys, Wildchild I was a teen mom(19) and single. Lovey I was still a single mom and he was born with special needs, very traumatic experience. Hawger was the first planned pregnancy, prayed over pregnancy, and it made a huge difference. I enjoyed it. I still do. And after having an unhealthy child its a daily miracle to see him walk and run and ride a bike early. To see him strong and happy. :*)

Speaking of King Ripoff, click over to my best bud Di's blog to see her little princess, I have her in mind for Queen Ripoff LOL A flowered purse Cant you just see them as king and queen? ;)

Thank you very much to Mrs Moody for hopefully identfying my 8 legged DEAD visitor yesterday as a harmless wolf spider. Harmless unless you count the big red mark on Lovey's head where I whacked him (still LOL).

Ok I have to get off here and get my shower, my housework done and BINDING ON THAT BABY QUILT I am babysitting her this afternoon LOL and its definitely time to get it DONE! Have a good day all!

Nice pre-k teachers
Very cool school like weather this a.m. (big boys started today)
Quilty blog friends to help me on my quilt journey :)
Non quilty blog friends just to be my friends!
Psalms. Always!

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A Flowered Purse said...

Awwwwww I think king ripoff and princess flapper would be perfect together!!
I thought that looked like a wolf spider. They are common around here.
Take care melzie and john is a doll baby!!

Laurel Wreath said...

Now frogs and turtles I can handle =)) I have a son that catches everything that moves.

The nice thing about having boys, they get all the "bugs" out of the house for me.

The picture of the little girl is just toooo adorable!!

Marcie said...

At first glance I thought your son was holding the turtles head instead of a toad. eeek. It is nice they can be in a place where they can become comfortable with nature and learn to respect all the little creatures.

Mrs. Moody said...

Much cuter pics today! I am glad to know that I was of some help to someone for a change. :)

Gisele Schoene said...

It is so nice your son likes frogs! I like them too (but I touch just the small ones!!)
Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog!!

BooMama said...

OH, I don't know what I'll do when A. starts bringing home frogs and turtles - I am SO squeamish about that kind of stuff. :-)

Love seeing those gratitudes at the bottom of your post - I wouldn't mind a little "cool school like weather" around here! Y'all have a great night....