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Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I'll post this picture first :) Dont scroll down there is a icky ugly spider pic and a mouse pic LOL now consider yourself warned! Made this the other day, its not stuffed very taut like I think it should be.

WHAT KIND OF SPIDER IS THIS? Spiders are my major phobia. I literally knocked my 10 yr old down to get away from this ugly sucker. We've had brown recluses but this I dont think is one. It HOPPED. Legs and all it was about as big around as a can of corn. I am in MO. If you can correctly identify it for me I'd appreciate it.

And since the spider was gross I will send my big bad mouse hunter picture :) She ate it. Sorta. LOL

Not much quilty news, washed and ironed some fabric, waiting for kids to return to school to try and sew. Thats tomorrow for the big'uns and next Mon. for King Ripoff :)

DEAD spiders
SPIDER spray
Nicer weather
School starting tomorrow. My kids have been really really REALLY REALLY trying my patience.

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Laurel Wreath said...

Oh my Lord have mercy. I would of walked out and told the spider they could have the house!!!!! My Lordy we would not sleep until I fumigated my house to make sure everything was dead.

Lordy Lordy have mercy!!!!!!

Andrea said...

Eww eww spider! That thing is HUGE! I've never seen a spider with thick legs like that!

And yay kitty!

Leah S said...

Doesn't quite look like a tarantula. Don't banned me from your blog... but I have picked up those things before. Before I knew about their harmful underside hair. :P

Mrs. Moody said...

At first I was looking at the coloring and thinking recluse but then I looked at the legs and said, NOPE! I am looking into some other possibilities for you to see if I can pinpoint it. I was bit by a recluse a few years ago and still have the scar. Thank goodness it is now dead and that you have a picture so you can find out what it is.

Mrs. Moody said...

Okay after some research, I think it is a Wolf Spider. There are many types of Wolf Spiders but here is some of the best information. They are not poisonous but are commonly mistaken for a brown recuse.


Susan said...

I *think* you're right about the Wolf. They are scary looking, but not harmful. That's their defense.

For several years, my classroom pet was a tarantula, which isn't technically a spider, though it is an arachnid, like scorpions and spiders. They kinda grow on you. =)

Love the little pin cushion thing.

Miriam said...

love the pincushion! how'd ya do it?