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Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, September 19, 2013

HAPPY (Remains To Be Seen) Birthday to ME

My furbaby is sick.  I mean SICK sick.  I am waiting for the vet's office to open so I can bring him in.  I hope the vet can work some wonders and he'll be himself asap.  So my birthday started out at 4am cleaning up his messes and running hubby to work at 4:30am so I can keep the van today.  Yawn. 
This is him on a good day.

This was the first day he was sick, but he didn't seem TOO sick, was still a little playful and eating a drinking.  But overnight last night he got majorly sick :(  say a prayer for him if you will..
I got a box in the mail! 

These are goodies from my sweet friend Edie =)  An apron with owls and matching potholders!  How sweet it is!

She is so stinking creative!  I keep trying to convince her to blog, she crochets, crafts, homeschools, quilts, has a mini farm, she's the perfect well rounded blogger in my opinion ;)  Thank you Edie!

And this is from my sweet friend Kelly!  She always finds the most unique owl stuff for me!  Thank you Kelly!
My friend Tammy took me out to eat at our fave place, Pasta House, Monday night.  My friends spoil me rotten =) 

I got a nice big honkin ZIT for my birthday, right on my nose.  Therefore I have come to the conclusion that I am simply turning 13 for the 3rd time.  Third time's the charm for puberty right?! 

Also the full moon is on my birthday =)  I'm a bona fide lunatic this year!

Well hopefully I'll be back very quickly with an update on my Finn.

xoxo, melzie

Well my sweet Finn is going to be ok, he has a bad stomach infection, probably from eating something dead the vet said. He got a shot, a pill, some oral meds and some pills to take for 8 days. Bland diet for a couple days and he said he should be good to go. My bank account, not so good to go lol, happy birthday to me but it is worth it to make sure our little doggie is healthy and back to his rowdy self. thanks all for the well wishes and prayers for him.

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Edie Jo said...

I hope Finn gets fixed up at the vet.....nothing like worrying about your sweet dog....they are just like our kids! And you are so very welcome on you gifts. I hope your bday perks up! I hope its not the full moon! They say the full moon makes things crazy.....I hope it calms down for you :) Hugs <3