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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LOST...but trying to find my thoughts LOL

OK so this is the episode we've all been waiting for. And typical of Lost...all we REALLY have now are MORE QUESTIONS! LOL!

I won't bore you with a total recap, I assume if you are reading this you already watched it :) Instead I'll bore you with my thoughts!

First of all MIB is special. Walt was special, young John Locke was special, apparently Aaron will be special. Seems as though every baby born on the island is special too. I really hope the whole Walt thing will be explained before the end, as that was left totally hanging.

My opinion is, not only was Fake Mother the Guardian, I think she either was also Smokie, or had access to Smokie. I noticed she thanked MIB for killing her just as Jacob thanked Ben for killing him. I mean if this episode starts in 23 AD, then Jacob died in 2010 he was the Guardian for almost 2000 years. That's a LONG LONG TIME. Yes FM was a little nutty you would be too if she was Guardian even half that time!

I think Jacob could leave the island because he wasn't chained down as Smokie, MIB was.

Do you think when John Locke stated that "I looked into the eye?/heart? of this island and it was beautiful" that he was talking of the water/light/cave?

I think the wine is what gives them their long lives. Does that mean since MIB broke the bottle that the new replacement won't have that? Or does the fruit grow there somewhere?

I think FM intended for MIB to replace her all along. I think TWINS gave her her loophole, she was able to tie them both down to guarding it. I think the Guardian is not the BEST person but the one who is most able to balance good and evil. Because what she said about Jacob isn't capable of lying, he doesn't see that in people etc. and the fact that when MIB told him that the Others WERE bad, Jacob couldn't see that in them. That made him incapable of being a true Guardian, he was TOO good to do whatever it took to protect the island. But MIB wanted nothing more than to leave so she managed to pass it on to both of them. I think Jack is probably too GOOD, Hurley is probably too GOOD and Sawyer might be the best bet. I think Sayid would have had too much BAD in him, I don't know why Kate was crossed off though.

I don't think MIB wants all the Losties together to be able to get off the island I think he wanted them all in one place to kill them, I think that they are truly the last possible candidates FOREVER and if he can kill them all then something happens. Maybe everyone EVER affected by the island will then be in the alternative timeline, and thats the only way he'll be free. Because he's only a soul, so he can't leave anyway but if time gets reset he'll gain his freedom.

I think Ilana was some descendant of Claudia's. She said Jacob was the closest thing to a father she'd ever had, and she was Latina, said she'd trained her whole life for this etc etc.

I still can't fathom how Desmond fits into this. I do know that he always calls people "Brother" and that's all MIB was ever called as well...coincidence? Who knows :)

I have a picture in my mind of this ending: All the Losties die, so time resets to the alternate timeline. The last scene, takes place on a plane. Mixed in amongst the passengers are the adult versions of Ji Yeon, Aaron, Clementine, Walt, Charlie (Desmond's son) & David (Jack's son). The plane starts to experience turbulance, masks come down, plane is shaking all over...and LOST logo spins into place :)

My head is still spinning if I think of more I'll add it!

xoxo melzie


Anonymous said...

Some very interesting ideas.

I wonder how Jacob was able to visit everyone.
I have a hard time thinking any one is good who murders others.


Shannon said...

I think your vision of the last scene is an interesting one, and it wouldn't surprise me at all! Wouldn't it be cool to find out that our current Losties are somehow actual, genetic descendants of some of those original Island people?

Beth@Not a Bow in Sight said...

I totally agree- the mother was the smoke monster. The mother made it so the two boys would have to share in the duties of guarding the island- one who was willing to purge the bad ones (who would take the form of the smoke monster) and one who would be the spiritual guard who could not conceive of evil. Great thoughts!