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Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST - Full Circle

I won't waste my time with recaps. You watched it or you wouldn't be bothering to READ this. I couldn't write my thoughts last night, because for one thing it was too sad, seeing THE END. For another, my thoughts were so jumbled and confused LOL.



~~~~~ STOP READING!~~~~~

First off I LOVED that it was Hurley. I always thought it would be. Jack was too willing. It required sacrifice, giving. And Ben being his "Second"...so touching. And necessary. Hurley is too nice, it seems to always require someone also capable of whatever it takes.

OK so they are all dead. They're all dead NOW. They didn't necessarily die in the beginning. (did they? LOL) Since Ben didn't go to the church with them, is he still alive then? I'm assuming his loose ends have to do with Danielle and Alex. So I guess the fact that Jack stumbles over to where he began and fell down there and died with Vincent (one of my favorite characters lol)

then that would sort of lead us to believe it never happened. But remember how Desmond said "The light will take you somewhere (or did he say sometime) better." So all that meant was he traveled back in time to that moment? And he saw the plane pass safely over, so that meant he saw the Flash Sideways/Alt. Timeline right? HOW did this happen? HURLEY! Hurley and Ben. The Guardian got to make up their own rules. Hurley was writing the next Star Wars (with improvements lol) so he clearly had imagination and cleverness. Ben was also super smart, and remember when he told Hurley regarding Desmond leaving the island that he could do it his way now. There has been a lot of talk about how almost too perfect their lives were in the Alt. Timeline, well that's because Hurley set up their Happily Ever Afters :)

SO honestly the more I'm trying to gather my thoughts the more scattered they become. Is the island purgatory, last chance for redemption? Was the fact that they showed the empty plane wreckage at the end, meant that there were no survivors from the beginning? If everyone that came to the church were dead, why were they all the age they were on the island. If some died before Jack, and some after, why were they all the same age as the crash/rescue? What about the few that got off the island in the end in the plane, I wanted to see crazy Claire rehabilitated, I wanted to see Richard in modern times. (Richard wasn't at the church) How could Jack go into the light cave and not turn into the Black Smoke or something? What caused MIB to and not Jack. And some people just died down there (bones). Why was Desmond such an anomoly.
And Miles. And Walt. Why did they leave Walt and Michael just hanging? Why wasn't Ana Lucia ready?

Well I got on here to wow with my awesome theories but I think a lot of it is just too unanswered :) And that's ok. The best stories always leave some things unanswered, so that it can be personal, the answers can be YOURS. I'm sad its over, but glad I discovered it in time to experience The End in real time. My whole family loved this show, and we never agree on anything. I didn't cry a whole lot, but these two reunions touched me the most.
I wasn't surprised that Juliet was David's mother. And I LOVED the moment when Juliet and James remembered each other :) Who knows why but these two together was so sweet, so right. That scene was awesome, where they said the same things as on island..aww :)

And Charlie and Claire. First off Kate and Claire, I LOVED that it was Aaron and Claire that made Kate remember. Perfect! But Charlie and Claire remembering OH that killed me, because I loved them on island, loved them now. The way ALL these reunions and memories came together..well you'd have to be dead yourself not to be touched by them :)

I can't believe its over. I wonder if I would enjoy watching it again. I wonder if another show will EVER pull me in like this. Books, yes, movies, occasionally but never a show. I'm so grateful to the people that did this show, you gave us many family moments, many lively discussions.


DJ said...


I think the reason MIB turned into a monster was all the hate/negativity inside him, and for the opposite reason why Jack, and for that matter, Des, did not.

One of my top moments was in the church, when Sawyer finally dropped his defenses and gave Jack a hug.

Just my .02 worth.

WOW, I will miss this show.

Aunt Jenny said...

3 of my kids and I stayed up and watched the whole thing ( even the recap and Jimmy Kimmel stuff) 6 hours of Lostness! We will miss it alot. I still have questions like everyone else..but I think the crash did happen to them...otherwise the couples wouldn't know each other. LOVED that Sawyer and Juliet remembered each other in such a sweet way. I have NEVER been so sucked into a show. I generally don't even know what night any show comes on!! I will miss it so much!

Anonymous said...

I just watched the finale again (and I cried more this time than I did last night!). Christian confirmed when he met Jack at the church that they were NOT dead back on the island. I don't have his exact quote but Jack asked him.

Also, I liked your choice of pictures for Sawyer. Nice!

Gitsie Girl