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Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Monday, March 30, 2009

smallish update

Well we finally got Jordan's neuropsychology report results (via phone)(thank God I didn't drive 2 hrs it was just a recap of basically everything she told us in her *initial findings* at the actual appt.) AND there is good news and bad news. The good news is; intellectually he is "all there" cognitively all is working fine. Memory problems ARE there, he is getting information, storing information, his problem is recall (getting the information back on his own) but with prompting he has no problem with recognition, so thats fairly good news. She said it could take up to a year to fully recover from his high pressure episode. She wants to see him back to retest certain parts in a year. Now for the bad news. She said his REAL problem right now is his ADD, OCD and anxiety. She said ADD and anxiety could definitely be in a kid with shunted hydrocephalus, but also with having OCD and anxiety in the family, its like a double whammy, what is causing it? Could have been going to happen when he hit adolescence any way, could be a result of the high pressure episode not physically but the stress itself of all of it. Six of one, half dozen of another I guess. I asked her about him asking repeated questions, she said it could be memory but is more likely OCD, the "did I lock the door, did I lock the door" type thing. :*( She said his own stress/anxiety is part of what's hurting his memory, again could be either/or. I took him to a local psychologist who went off on a weird tangent like HE thought we were there for basically bad behaviors, I didn't like him and Jordan didn't either, so I'm going to contact the school and see if they have anyone who works in conjunction with the school, who can work with him AT school, and if not I'll go from there. I am so sad over this, its like the dam is bursting and all I can do is plug one tiny hole at a time.

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Aunt Jenny said...

I will sure be keeping you guys in my prayers. You are an awesome Mom Melzie!! Jordan (and the other boys) are so lucky to have you!!
Hang in there!!! I wish you didn't have so much to deal with!!