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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Monday, March 09, 2009

Loser Monday

well I have my monthly witch here so I gained almost 2 lbs, better luck next week.
hubby lost 10 lbs on the first atkins week :)
I quit atkins.
I actually quit my diet.
but when the witch leaves I'll feel more like it again.

In other news Jordan has a headache :( I'll update later.


One Christian Mom said...

don't give up!!! you can do it!!!
I pray that Jordan is feeling better.
God Bless you.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Well congrats to your hubby. And you'll be back on track next week right? You can do it!!!!

Jenessa said...

i have to say i'm glad you quit atkins, hopefully your DH will too. don't we want to be healthy? isn't that the main reason we're joining sharon in this endeavor? if you start doing some healthy substitutions it's much easier than doing some crash fad diet anyway. oh my and when it's that time - those 100 calorie packs look dang good (ok, when it's that time, i'll have two if needed). but i hate diets like atkins because they hurt you so much in the end. plus because you are depriving your body of a certain type of calorie, when you reintroduce that type of calorie your body packs back on the weight. it's all about life changes. ok, i'm done. i hope you get back on track with losing weight next week

Anonymous said...

Hi Melzie
I am a newer reader here- but also a long time dieter. I have done it all...lol... so I feel your pain. Here is my experience with Atkins... I did great for 11 days and lost 10lbs. Then I couldn't take it anymore and went on a carb binge for 3 days and gained that 10lbs right back!!! Literally. LOL.
I felt like total crap on that diet personally. I know people who have had a lot of success but honestly I don't know how healthy it reallly is judging by the way I felt.
Over the years, the "plan" I have had the most sucess with and I keep coming back to is the Weight Watchers plan. I have done it so much over the years that I know the points ranges and points for different foods...but shhhh...you can also find them on the internet...
It allows you to eat whatever you might want but because there is a points range to stay within, you are "accountable" for what you have eaten. Which then in turn makes you want to make those better choices.
Everytime I feel the weight creeping up too much (I am no skinny minny-which is okay with me but I DO have a range I like to stay in) I go back to trying eat within the points range. Last year when I asked my dr. what I should do about losing some weight- even he suggested WW.
So just some advice from a fellow dieter and don't give up whatever you choose! It's really a lifestyle change and it's not easy.
Keep trucking- you can do it!

P.s. I hope all works out okay with Jordan.


Mindy said...

We are moving to Scott AFB. Near St. Louis, MO. Do you know anything about the area? I have to admit, it sort of made me sad to find out we are moving somewhere so cold...my email is mfausey@yahoo.com.