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Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

update on my son

Thank you so much for the prayers, they are working but keep them coming. just for those that don't know, J has spina bifida, and hydrocephalus, and has a shunt to keep the fluid pressure low. It normally just drains down a tube into his abdomen cavity, and just reabsorbs from there.

ok here is the update. He is currently out of ICU, and in a room. He is now awake, somewhat alert, nibbling on snacks, drinking ok. The shunt (going to get technical here) is externalized, meaning the drain is to a bag outside, to measure his output and to take samples for labs. He DOES have an infection, some form of staph and is being treated for that with 2 very strong IV antibiotics. So the concern right now is the infection, and the fact that some of his symptoms haven't gone away yet. He still has a headache, still having the eye problems (about 50% of the severity of before the revision) and is having severe short term memory loss. He is foggy about the last month, there is NOTHING about the last week, and 5 minutes ago never happened at all either. He is also very very emotional, which I think part of that is the memory thing, he 's getting no real reassurances, at least not that he can remember. He's never had this happen, these are all symptoms BEFORE surgery usually, and once that pressure is resolved the symptoms resolve also. But he has never gotten as bad as he did Sun. night/Mon. a.m. either. I am a total wreck now hounding the nurses to check him so much. I came home last night, Danny had come back with the other boys, they visited about 2 hrs. J perked up quite a bit seeing them :) C is having way too much fun with the memory loss lol. I brought them home last night, went to walmart to get get more provisions, made arrangments for them today for the rest of the week and I am doing some laundry and cleaning up some then I"ll head back about 1pm or so. Busiest travel day of the year but at least I am going TO the city now out of, hope that helps.
If anyone wants to send a card or I think the hosp. even has email messages they can print and bring to him, you can email my bff Dianna at nannabird@aol.com she will make sure you have a real blog and email you the information.
Love and thanks to you all :) xoxo melzie


No_Newz said...

Oh sweetie, I had no idea he was so sick. I'm sending loads of love and prayers yours and his way.

Such a brotherly thing to give him crap about memory loss. God love 'em!

LauraJ said...

still praying for you and the J-bug! Poor guy, in the hospital for Thanksgiving. Just pick another day and celebrate it as a family. All is not lost! Smoochies!