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Henry David Thoreau

Friday, November 07, 2008

So much to thank HIM for

Yesterday about 4:45 pm or so, Wildchild was walking through the house and yells out WHAT THE HECK and goes running outside, we followed him out quickly. I ran back in for the phone to call for an ambulance, what he had seen was our parked truck hitting our parked car. Well in the white car was a lady having an *apparent seizure. She moved hubby's truck aprx. two car lengths, hitting my car moving it about 3/4 a car length. She hit HARD. Hubby turned off her car (was still pushing the accelorator hard) and within 2 min. police were there, within 7 or so min. ambulance was there. I *think she is ok. Coincidentally my very pregnant friend, got run off the road a block up by her, she almost hit her head on. She hit a ditch/culvert but her and baby are ok, although still very shaken up.

so what is to be thankful for?

That if we had to total hubby's truck, best to do it with none of us in it.
That if she had to hit something, better our truck sitting still than someone head on, or a kid etc.
That she is apparently ok.
That both of our vehicles have full coverage.
That my kids had come in the house just min. before.
That hubby's truck was even parked there, its usually my car or nothing in that spot, but God saw to it that our biggest strongest vehicle took the hit making sure it didn't come up into the yard to hit the house or something.
That our police/emergency crews responded super fast.
That my fryer that I left on in the house for over an hour with just grease in it didn't catch on fire.

Please pray for that lady.
xoxo melzie

**updated to add**
she had no insurance :(
Both vehicles are totaled.
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Melanie said...

wow What a day! I hope its okay I linked you up in my new blog!

LauraJ said...


~Bren~ said...


Aunt Jenny said...

Holy Cow!!!

Heather said...

I am glad we are ok to. God was with us that night. Girl I am still shook up about this. God will take care of that girl in everything since she is a "not so good" girl. Anyways God IS GOOD!!!!!

One Christian Mom said...

Melzie - I am so sorry you are going through this. I will pray for your family and the woman who hit the cars. Will your insurance company cover the vehicles? BOTH your cars??? That's too crazy to be coincidence. God has a reason, he always does. It's just hard to see. Call if you need me!

Mindy said...

Holy Cow! She plowed into your cars! What a mess, but I also am thankful no one was hurt. Isn't it wonderful that we have a God that provides our every need and is looking out for us and protecting us even when we are oblivious to the danger around us?

Shasta said...

Oh my goodness, how awful! I hope your insurance company is good to you in replacing your cars.

Mary said...

So sorry about the vehicles and the no insurance, but so glad to hear everyone is ok.

Quilting Journey said...

How unbelievable! Blessings and prayers for all...especially for you, Melzie...for still managing to have 'an attitude of gratitude' inspite of everything!