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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yay its Saturday!

Whats so special about that? I dunno lol I guess I'm just in a good mood! I pieced almost an entire baby quilt this evening! I used big squares, who knew how fun almost immediate gratification was?! I can't show any pics because its for a baby shower and someone (hi Auntie!) reads my blog LOL. Its going to be hard to let it go thought, its THAT cute (but really..aren't they all?! LOL)

We had a week long revival last week and GUESS WHAT I GOT REVIVED which really now isn't that the point? It was really really good though :) and we also had our very first youth group this past Wed. night. Hubby and I are embarking on what we truly believe to be God's will for our lives. This is big for us. We are kinda flaky (keeping it real!) and yet this seems so easy so far :) Just pray the enemy doesn't go on attack since we are doing the right thing.

Well its time for the kittens to find new homes, I wound up with my 5 and my mom's 3 I think I mentioned. Well I am now down to my mom's 3. (well will be after two more are picked up tomorrow, but they had theirs picked out for a long time). I am keeping one (I KNOW like I need ANOTHER CAT LOL). I put the last two (adorable, the two tabbies) on my freecycle, and they are in the paper as well. Its been hard to let them go, this litter has been PERFECT they all litter trained easily, stayed in the sectioned off kitchen/laundry room with no rebelliousness lol, wahhh but 8 kittens and my two cats were filling the litter too fast and emptying the food bowels even faster so away they go :/ Parting is such sweet sorrow LOLOL.

Here is a pic, of my pancakes in my iron skillet I got for $1 (yes A BUCK) last week at a yardsale. Perfectly seasoned, no sticking AT ALL I've been looking for one forever what a blessing to get one so stinkin' cheap!

Well got to get to bed, tomorrow is our church's homecoming celebration and I am getting up early to make chicken and dumplins. OHH YEAH if you are reading in bloglines click over and see my new header ;) I am changing them often I know but this one is worth clicking over for! xoxo melzie


LauraJ said...

ooooh i like your new header!! nice pancakes too, make one one or two please? and i made a quilt yesterday too!! smooches!!

~Bren~ said...

Love the header!!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE revivals!!! I have had the best experiences at them. It is a place where God rushes in....Ahhhhh, I can feel it!!! So glad you got that touch!

Mindy said...

Ohhh...that pancake looks good. :)