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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We went to a Haunted House and Hawger cried.
They ate a TON of candy.
The end :)
xoxo melzie

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Shanda said...

Love the pics, The kiddos are so cute. Middle child is too funny. I have been waiting t see them. I was checking last night as we got home kinda early. The sheriff called and had been investigating rumours all week of some kids plotting to burn big hay bales around the countryside. What ever happend to silly fun pranks. We come home early to gaurd our stash of hay down by the road. We have about 6oo bales stored there and if they would be set on fire in would be devastating to our farm and the cows.
Happy Nov 1st. I need to go down by the road and take down my ghoust today. I am going shopping this mornihg at JC Penney and cash in my $10.00 free coupons. I* got 2 in the mail this week.
We are looking forward to Thanksgiving. I will call ya later this week and explain some changes in plans. Wer are still on don't worry, but we have known we were going to Montana this winter and D got his orders cut on Wednesday and he has to be there the Tuesday after Thanks, so if I am going and we are driving, this means we need to leave about noon on Friday after. It is a 22 hour trip to Helena, MT. We are going to try and see a few things along the way in South Dakota and such. We will probably move our weinie roast up to wednesday night instead of friday night. I am looking forward to this trip but I never dreamed it wouold start this soon. He kept saying the first of Dec. We will be fine. I will make it all work out 'cause I ain't missing Thanksgiving. We will be gone for a week if we don't get snowed in, then it will be spring. And we are taking the dogs. Should be a fun trip and I don't have any offical duties or places to be while there so comfy clothes and down time for me and not much packing for me either. I will just hang out while he is there doing his thang.
Talk to ya probably tomorrow night.
I am proud of what you and d are doing with thte youth group. It is really needed there.
See ya

One Christian Mom said...

I am glad they had a good time. I wish I could post pics of my little ones, they were dressed as Cinderella, a cowboy riding a horse, and tigger.

By the way, you have been "tagged"! Stop by my blog to read about 7 things about me (and you!) :-)