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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, September 13, 2008

nothing to update, just filling up a blog post here

with fluff and stuff. been cleaning. been organizing the sewing room. Am 4 fleece blankets behind (I haven't forgot yours Debbie! Got a cute one coming your way lol...) sigh. Just been very out of sorts this week. Hormones equals some of it, stress from bankruptcy equals another part, kids a huge part...on and on. Nothing really to report. My sister is letting me borrow her serger that she inherited when her grandmother died, no one really knows how to use it so I am going to try. It has a vhs. I'll post more when I get it here I am sure someone in blogland will help me :)

Here is a pic from 1 yr ago today. We didn't go to the fair this year :( no money to spend. We did go to the demo derby. Oldest didn't go but hubby and I and 2 youngers, for us 4 was a $75 outing. We didn't know it would be that much. We cannot afford that either but we were already there. I hated to disappoint them for the rides and stuff but what do you do. I felt so guilty I didn't even go look at the displays and stuff either :( sigh.

xoxo melzie


debbie said...

Looking forward to seeing it! with the cool temps, i am sure it will be wonderful.
I hope you can figure out the serger. Never had one...I hear they are quite tricky to thread. Hope the tape is helpful!
We have missed plenty of things because of no money...it stinks. I understand about the not wanting to disappoint the kids. We are low budget too. A family of 7 on 1 income is tough. A mothers guilt is tough too! i know first hand! lol

No_Newz said...

Being broke really sucks butt, doesn't it?!?!?

Shanda said...

Hi Melzie, I am sorry about the fair. I know it hard to do anything nowdays with kids. Everything is so expensive and when they go they just want and want. Don't feel guilty about saying no. I think its a good time to teach them about what a rip off most of the things at the fair are. The best things for familes at fairs are always free. I think its fun to just go and spend quality time together.
When we were kids, we saved for a long time out to be able to go to the fair. We picked and sold sweet corn for fair money. It was money hard earned and we were careful how we spent it because we each got about $15.00 back then. We could spend it how ever we chose but when it gone. it was gone. No matter what. I have walked around that fair many years with all my money spent and many regreats on wasting it on games for big stuffed prizes. I always vowed to do better the next year and spend more wisley. I never did win the giant stuffed animal I always wanted, but we were lucky back in those days as we got a day off from school and it was school arm band day ubtill 6pm and we also got in free on that Friday. That was back in the good old days. I have traveled to many fairs all over and I'm here to tell you that I have never seen a higher priced fair than the one at Cape. We were there two years and ago and couldn't believe how over priced everything was. Even the state fair in Sedelia is not that high priced. Don't beat yourself up, you are a very good momma and all will only teach lessons to the kids and hopefully teach them to appreciate. It takes a little rain to make the flowers grow and to make rain bows.
You are a beautiful flower, now go and dance in the rain.