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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

LOL lots of changes!

I've got to stop waiting in between updates! Lets do this in a nutshell shall we?

-I quit my job at Wendy's! Won't go into details but it got very bad there very quickly, new (very inexperienced) general manager, 4 people including me quit within 7 days because of him and his disorganization and unprofessionalism, I know 2 more that will not be there much longer either.

-Came home ready to quit Mon. night, hubby was behind me all the way, noticed a phone number on my call ID 2x that was my former Wendy's manager who got fired, where she is managing/working now(check cashing/loan place). So I called her.

-She informs me she got my resume I faxed for her job opening, was I still at Wendy's? I said well I was today but not tomorrow (LOL), and furthermore WHAT resume, I never faxed one! She said well it came into her main office and they called her because it had Wendy's on the job reference. I guess God faxed it over for me because we have NO explanation LOL

-Long story short, I start Monday! Casual wear (right up my alley lol), customer service etc (right up my alley), and for the rest of summer only about 15 hrs a week (again, perfect!) Then in about a month if our quotas and stuff are still up I can go to 20-25 hrs, just in time for school starting :) I am happy its tailor made for me, plus its almost $1 an hr more than I was making.

-Our bankruptcy stuff is stalled out waiting for us to complete our financial class and in the meantime our mortgage co. has already scheduled for our house to be sold on the courthouse steps, our lawyer says they can stop it but I still worry myself sick.

-my fridge tried to die on me yesterday, God intervened and a miraculous recovery was had but I can pretty much be sure it was a warning sign. My a/c still keeps freezing up too :) Never boring is it?

-Baby Girl goes home tomorrow :(

-local 1st Baptist church has Bible school next week :)

-Hawger gets tonsils out next Wed. :/

-Ok thats all I can think of for now...xoxo melzie


Clare said...

Hi Hon,

You've lost and gained in 48 hours. There is hope. Routing for you.

Big bisous

PS Love the snail

Bren said...

That is alot...mostly good stuff though. Keep looking up!!!

LauraJ said...

Hello dear! Things are looking up! Big hugs and smoochies!

Aunt Jenny said...

Sounds like alot more good than bad...so that is good..right? The new job sounds great...love the fax mystery. Someone out there is sure pulling for you!!! I love it!!
Have a fun 4th!

Mindy said...

Wow, sounds like God definitely has His hand in your life right now. I pray that He leads you through all these things with grace and strength. And that is really neat how He worked you into your perfect job! Congrats!

Shelina said...

I'm glad you got the new job prospect that seems just perfect!

When my fridge gets sick, I vacuum the cobwebs out of the bottom and the back. That normally does the trick.

debbie said...

Keep your chin up girl!
Good luck on your new job! that is some crazy story!