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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blogging..or lack thereof

I know I'm not the best blogger lately, just nuthin good to say really. Still hanging in bankrupcy limbo (how low can YOU go? sigh)

I think I mentioned quitting my job at Wendy's. I miss it terribly, even dreamed about it last night. The new job is ok, will be fairly easy but its very laid back and a little bit slow. I miss the fast pace. But this is almost a dollar an hour more and that means I can work less hours for the same amount of money which suits me very well. But I still miss Wendy's.

Things here are ok. I am not a full fledged depression, I just skirt around the edges very dangerously. I guess I'm really to busy to sink down very far, which is a good thing.

Still getting used to our new church. I miss the old one terribly. I know in my heart this is where God wants us but I just miss where I was at 'home'. And I'm afraid my lack of total commitment to the new one is part of the problem of feeling content there. Its like a vicious cycle.

Also trying very hard to come to terms with my homekeeping abilities or lack thereof. I do not come by a clean organized home naturally. I am a bona fide slob. And guess what so are 2 of my boys. The youngest craves order and cleanliness like his Dad. And I am to a point where I want a clean house and will work to get it but HOW in the world do I get it and maintain it without turning into the excorcist and my head spinning around and screeching like a banshee when no one else will cooperate with the program?! Its very very unpleasant and the more out of control our lives get via the bankruptcy the more I feel a need to control SOMETHING...ie the house. But no one wants to play along.

Well I could go on and on but its time to get ready for work. Sharing some pics below.

This face OMG I could eat it UP its so sweet :) He is doing ok after getting his tonsils out. Taking a lot longer than I thought to bounce back.

This face :) Can't you see the mischief? We are fixing to start his yearly checkups in STL please pray all checks out well for him another year :)

:) My biggest baby, about 6+ inches taller than me now! Oy where does time go to? :)

My chosen baby girl :) gone home to her momma now but I miss you sweetie pie! Counting the days til Thanksgiving!

xoxo melzie
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Bren said...

I am not a nautural housekeeper either and really have to have a written down schedule. Set up your binder (I know you have one:0p) and try daily to do one thing to make order. Start with a drawer...
There is a new Homemaking study going on in blogland. I posted about it on my blog today.
Hang in there...you will be fine...God said so!

Aunt Jenny said...

Aw...great new pictures!!
I am not naturally a good housekeeper either...especially in summer when I would rather be outside. I do best with lists to check things off and routine...
but you know what..there will be time for being perfect when the kids are all grown, right????
You are great just how you are!