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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

forced into a slow down

As always this time of year is a merry go round of baseball (5 nights this week!), racing for hubby, and add to that mix WORK for me this year, summer school for Lovey, on and on its almost to be too much. I've been having really bad anxiety, progressing to the point of mild panic attacks. Had a forced slowdown this week as I had to call in to work on Mon. because Hawger had a bad stomach flu (coming AND going) and then today Wed. as I got the sickies as well :( Worst stomach stuff I'd had in a LONG time.

As I said, we have 5 nights of baseball this week, but Lovey's last game is Thurs. and Hawger's last game is Mon. next week, and then tournaments to follow but it should start slowing down. I am also attempting to go to 3 days a week but thus far my schedule hasn't reflected that. Our general manager was fired last week, so we've had our regional manager on-site, an interim GM, a new assistant manager, its been topsy turvy all the way around. Next week I asked off Tues. for Hawger to see an ENT (getting tonsils out this summer) and Fri. and Sat. for my yardsale. But since I asked off Friday, and I usually make about $36 a day working then I am starting my yardsale out in the negative kwim? See how my mind goes and goes, I can't sleep lately and the anxiety is taking over everything. On the plus side, when I get my yardsale said and done, I can get my sewing room back in some semblance of order, it looks like a bomb exploded in there right now. I am getting a serious itch to sew, I was looking through old pics of my beautiful functional sewing room and stuff I had sewn and really got the itch. :)

Well my kids have 13 min. til bedtime and about 45 min. worth of bedtime procedures to get through so I'd best get off here and out there supervising. Love and hugs to all, xoxo melzie

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Shanda said...

Tell dear little one not to worry about tonsils. He'll be so glad for the diet of pop cycles and ice cream. Cody did it when he was 12. He did fine. He ate chicken strips on the second day. Worst part was no swimming.
Love to all,